Review of the 7 Best Golf Balls for Seniors

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Written by Kirsty

After graduating from college, I turned professional and played on both the LPGA and Symetra Tours for three years. Since 2019, I now coach full time and write for a handful of online sites.

January 17, 2021

Playing a round of golf has two consistencies; the golfer and the ball. The rest of your equipment, environment and surroundings change during those sacred 2 to 4 hours. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the best golf balls for seniors it’s important you base your choice on your game.

The good news for senior men and women is that there is a wide variety of golf balls specifically designed for you, and typically they are far more affordable than the Titleist Pro V1 or a Taylor Made TP5!

Did you know … It’s estimated that 300 million golf balls are discarded or lost in the USA every year! I’m confident that with my help, you’ll end up with the right ball for you and keep more in your bag.

Over the next few minutes you will learn ..

i) how to choose the right ball for your game;

ii) which golf balls are available and best for seniors to consider;

iii) which ball I recommend you try next.

As a scratch golfer I have a passion for the technical side of the game and have been blessed to have played golf with my Mum, Dad, Grandad, and Sister over the last 20 years. I can tell you now, we all used a different golf ball due to the reasons outlined in this holistic article.

So let’s get stuck in!

The Best Golf Balls for Seniors

By selecting the correct golf ball for your game, you give yourself every opportunity to hit the ball as straight and far as possible, while maintaining that buttery soft touch we crave around the greens.

The golf balls listed below have been reviewed with senior men and senior lady golfers in mind. Whether you prefer a soft ball or a hard ball, something bright or something traditional, I have analysed some of the biggest brands including Titleist, Callaway and Bridgestone and looked at some of the more cost-effective brands like Wilson and Srixon. Let’s take a look at the best golf balls for seniors now.

Callaway Supersoft (2019 onwards)

One of the most popular golf balls of recent years, the Supersoft boasts a soft compression core, meaning a slower swing speed will let this baby fly. A real hybrid of soft feel around the greens yet still performing in distance off the tee, giving golfers a high launch of flight.

You will find it to be one of the best all round golf balls for senior golfers due to the mix of soft feel and soft compression for a longer ball flight. 

callaway supersoft balls - ranked one of the best golf balls for seniors

Due to the soft casing of the ball, it will not roll out as far as other balls on the market. If you need more roll and distance but still want some soft feel, consider Titleist Velocity.


  • ✅   Soft feel and soft compression for a longer ball flight.
  • ✅   Comes in range of colours, helping visibility in different conditions.


  • X    May not roll as much as others.

Callaway Supersoft

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Titleist Velocity

Ok, this ball has been manufactured for ultimate velocity, which is a marketing word for distance! It is designed for maximum speed off the club face, due to the cover being one of the lightest on the market.

The benefit is a ball that goes longer but still gives something back to you around the greens, in terms of feel when chipping and putting the ball.

A good value ball, you can buy these for almost half the price of the Titleist Pro V1 and still have that world famous Titleist logo resting at the end of your driver!


But, if you are a player whose strengths is your chipping and putting, you may lose feel with this ball, consider Srixon SOFT FEEL.


  • ✅   Will perform in the sun, rain or snow!
  • ✅   A good ball for much slower swing speeds
  • ✅   Gives some feel around the greens, but not as much as the Callaway SuperSoft
  • ✅   Almost half the price of the Titleist Pro V1


  • X    May lose feel with this ball on chips & putts

Titleist Velocity

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Wilson DUO Optix

This ball is bright, bold, and actually a good technical performer. This ball from Wilson Staff comes with a compression rate of 60, so will suit a senior golf with a slower swing. This ball has a semi-translucent cover and comes in orange, yellow, red, pink or green.

But why, you ask?

The colours and semi-translucent cover are created to aid visibility for when your ball is in the air and on the ground. For senior golfers who may struggle with various degrees of short sightedness, this ball will be perfect, so you can keep your eye on the ball (not just during the swing!)

Wilson Duo Optix - Ranked one of our Best Golf Balls for Seniors

The ball itself actually has a soft feel which compliments the compression rate well. The result is a ball that flies really well through the air (and you can see it), but also gives golfers a good feedback and feel around the greens when chipping and putting.  Final point about this ball is with a matte finish, it can pick up dirt and discolour quickly.


  • ✅     Extremely visible mid-flight, easier to see.
  • ✅     Low compression suited to a slower swing.
  • ✅     Soft feel for feedback and the green play.
  • ✅     Comes in range of colours.


  • X    Will pick up dirt and discolour quickly.

Wilson DUO Optix

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Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon have been bragging there away round town recently, and they have every right to do so. Firstly, they have the Srixon SOFT FEEL and SOFT FEEL LADY.

These two balls have a low compression rate meaning a higher ball flight and they also are ultra-soft for maximum feel around the green.

The dimple pattern also 338 dimples, what they say that means, is less drag in the air so once the ball is up, it stays up.

Srixon Soft FeelWilson Duo Optix - Ranked one of our Best Golf Balls for Seniors

At $20 per dozen (approx. £18) on Amazon, this is a very popular ball with seniors, slower swinging golfers and golfers looking for forgiveness.


  • ✅     Best pick for feel around the green.
  • ✅     One of the most affordable balls available.
  • ✅     Large alignment aid to help with putting.


  • None, but if you have a bit more money to spend we’d still recommend it going into the Callaway Supersoft.


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Titleist Tour Soft

A little more expensive than my previous but there is reason for that. The Titleist Tour Soft features the largest core on a golf ball they have ever produced. This means that combined with being marketed as a ball for slower swing speeds that need distance, it also has a soft feel around the greens that I promise you will love.

The ball has 342 dimples, so more that the Srixon SOFT FEEL, therefore Titleist will tell you, it has a more penetrating flight through the air, less drag, more distance.

Titleist Tour SoftWilson Duo Optix - Ranked one of our Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Our previous Titleist ball, the Velocity, is built for getting more run on the ball and distance, this one is a softer ball for a better flight in the air and lovely soft feels in your fingers, when you are chipping, pitching and putting.

Due to the soft casing of the ball, it will not roll out as far as other balls on the market. If you need more roll and distance but still want some soft feel, consider Titleist Velocity again.


  • ✅     Very soft feel, with but with more performance punch!
  • ✅     Has a big T on the ball, helping with alignment.
  • ✅     Available in two colours; yellow and white.


  • X    An expensive ball for this category.
  • X    Limited roll out on fairways, so not the best for those with lower trajectories.

Titleist Tour Soft

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Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball

Bridgestone have done the standard thing and produced the ball that compliments senior golfers. It’s a good ball and tries to sit in the Callaway Supersoft and Titleist Tour Soft category. It definitely achieves that, but I would only consider if you are a slicer of the golf ball.

This ball is one of the lowest compression balls available on the market and also offers a lower spin rate. Therefore, if you tend to cut across the ball and slice it, this ball wont spin as quickly as a Titleist Tour Soft or a Callaway Supersoft. Which means it will mitigate your slice and help you keep the ball in play. 

Bridgestone e6 SoftWilson Duo Optix - Ranked one of our Best Golf Balls for Seniors

I have played with these balls in the very height of summer and I did enjoy using them, they are affordable and a good honest golf ball. I also bought them for the big arrow on them, which I hoped would help with my putting. I didn’t quite get there with that, I found it more of a distraction and made me less precise with my lines when I was putting.


  • ✅     You get all the tech but at a great price!
  • ✅     This ball with help mitigate a slice


  • X    I found the alignment aid more of an annoyance

Bridgestone e6 Soft

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Srixon Distance

My last pick in our best golf balls for senior golfers, is the Srixon DISTANCE. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It flies far, it roles far, it’s meant to go, far.

The Srixon DISTANCE is created for seniors with a much slower swing speed who now hit a much lower ball flight and will need to get as much roll on the ball as possible to make up for those yards in the sky.

If you hit the ball short and straight, this is the ball for you. The reason I say straight is when you have a ball that primarily rolls further, if you are not straight with it, it will subsequently roll into trouble.

Srixon Distance Golf BallsWilson Duo Optix - Ranked one of our Best Golf Balls for Seniors

This ball will roll out as well as any golf ball, so if you need some extra yards and the ground is firm then this would be a great choice. However, to gain these yards you takeaway the feel unfortunately, so around the greens this ball will feel firm and physically hard to chip and putt with.


  • ✅     Highest selling golf ball on Amazon!
  • ✅     Very good roll to squeeze out those extra yards.
  • ✅     Suitable for those with slower swing speeds.
  • ✅     Great for those with lower ball flights.


  • X    Didn’t strike us as offering any forgiveness.
  • X    Firm feel when chipping and putting.

Srixon Distance

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Finding the Best Golf Balls for Seniors Golf

The Technical Make up of a Golf Ball

You will notice throughout our search for the best golf balls for seniors that there are some complex terminology. However, it’s important to give you the information that allows you to pick the right golf ball for your swing and game. For me, there are a few factors to consider, these are, the layers of the ball, visibility, durability, compression, and spin rate.

Let us explore these now.


Distance golf balls tend to be 2-piece construction with Ionomer outer covers and larger cores. 3+ piece construction golf balls tend to have softer outer Urethane covers and firmer layers in the core.  They have more specific zones to compress with the larger ranges of swing speed.

With swing speeds seen in seniors and ladies on the golf course, those inner layers may not get squashed as much as they need to in order to get maximum speed for multi-layer balls.

Therefore, most balls discussed above will be 2-piece balls.


It is no secret that as you get older, your visibility will begin to deteriorate. Fortunately, golf balls now have specific dimples, colours and tricks that make them easier to see in the air and on the ground. There are also some cool, large alignment patterns on the ball to help on the putting green.


A 3+ piece ball typically comes with a Urethane cover, the advantage of this is it grips the face of your wedges more around the greens and increases feel. Being a softer material, it is not as durable.

However, for senior golfers who are looking to the get the most out of the yardage a 2-piece ball with a larger core would be more beneficial. The advantage of using such a ball is that not only will you benefit in yards they are typically more affordable, providing you do not lose them. They will last much longer with the aforementioned Ionomer covers they tend to have.

A word of caution, manufacturers have still created soft balls that fly well with slower swing speeds. Evidently, you will see from my reviews how each ball tries to maximise distance yet remain soft for feel when playing around the greens.


It’s a shame isn’t it, we all get older and as our swing speeds naturally slows down it becomes harder to compress the ball with the same force that you may have previously. Help is at hand.

Some of the golf balls described above will compress at a lower force because they are manufactured with more “compression”, what this means is the ball is more elastic inside, therefore the ball compresses easier and springs into the air. The advantage for a senior golfer is that the ball will fly further under less force from the swing. Imagine a pool ball and a bouncy energy ball, the bouncy ball will fly further under less force.

Spin Rate

Scary stat time. Golf Digest has claimed that 90% of Golfers will struggle with a slice at some point. If this is you, then you need to LOWER YOUR SPIN RATE.

The reason for this is because a ball that spins at a higher rate will spin and slice further into trouble, when struck with a sliced swing. Therefore, a ball with a lower spin rate will have less slice spin created by the shot and, as a result, won’t stray as far off target due to the reduced spin on the ball.

One way the manufacturers maximise your ability to get the ball flying and rolling out is to reduce the spin rate and that subsequent curvature on the ball. This is achieved with clever dimple designs that resist differently to the passing air. The benefit is it gives a golfer the opportunity to hit the ball with less curvature, a lot longer, and with more roll on the ground.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my handicap play a part in deciding which ball is best for me?

No.  Most golf experts will tell you to select the golf ball based on swing speed. However, I firmly believe that a golf ball should be selected on preference around the green. The reason for this is most of your shots will be within the short game area and on the putting green. Therefore, regardless of your handicap, find the ball you chip and putt best with! I promise you now, you will only hit 18 tee shots, and at least 3 of these will be par 3s!

Is swing speed important when choosing a golf ball?

Yes. This relates to the compression I was talking about. A slower swing speed will squash a ball designed for senior golfers and allow it to spring up into the air, easier than a ball that isn’t created with the same levels.

I would note, if you still have a faster swing speed and can drive the ball 230/ 240 yards +, then consider a 3-piece golf ball (which would not be targeted for senior golfers).

What helps a golf ball go straighter?

Simply put, less and larger dimples will reduce the drag on the ball through the air. Therefore, a swing that hits a fade or slice will not curve as much because the ball creates less spin. Consequently, the ball will go straighter because it will not curve and spin offline as far. Consider what we discussed with the Bridgestone E6 soft ball.

What should I look for if I want further distance?

For me, it’s what type of distance that you want, if you wish for a ball to fly further then I would look at the traditional softer balls, like a Callaway Supersoft. If you hit the ball low and wish for more run out, than a harder ball like a Titleist Velocity or a Srixon Distance

What kind of ball tends to stop more on the green?

A ball that stops quicker on the green is one that has the urethane cover. The reason for this, is this type of ball spins more than a harder ball. Don’t be fooled to thinking that a soft ball will stop quicker, this isn’t the case. It is a ball that spins more which will stop on the green quicker, however it’s the “soft ball” which typically achieves this higher rate of spin. Understood!?

If it is spin alone that you are looking for, then I would suggest a 3-piece ball, this type of ball will spin more. However, be mindful that a fast-swing speed is typically needed for a 3-piece ball to generate the force for it to fly well in the air.

Overall Summary & Conclusion

Best Golf Balls for Seniors Golf

There we have it, some of the best golf balls for seniors available on the market today. From my experience, I believe it’s best to make a decision and then stick with it. So as you play more golf you get use to how that ball feels and reacts with your swing and strike of the ball.

Remember it’s not always the best priced ball that will give the best performance for each golfer. Consider the Srixon SOFT FEEL, these balls perform well across many criterions for senior golfers yet are one of the cheapest.

If you are going to use a couple of different brands, consider selecting one ball for soft conditions and one for firm conditions. A good way to decide this from my experience is to use a softer ball when the sun is out, and the ball is running. Why?

Because you won’t need as much distance on the ball because the ground is so firm. The ball will have that natural run out anyway on the hard, dry surface.

A harder ball should be saved for when the ground is wet, and conditions are soft. A Titleist Velocity, despite being a firm golf ball made for speed off the club face, is still going to stop dead on a saturated green.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the best golf balls for senior golfers, any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to help!

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