The Best Golf Balls for Women

best golf balls for women

Written by Kirsty

After graduating from college, I turned professional and played on both the LPGA and Symetra Tours for three years. Since 2019, I now coach full time and write for a handful of online sites.

January 29, 2021

To find the best golf balls for women, it would be useful for you to know your swing speed with your driver. Another point to make straight away is that you don’t have to play with golf balls that have ‘lady’ on the box – to be honest, that’s only if you struggle with swing speed and mainly a marketing ploy.

It also depends on what you want from a golf ball, whether you’re looking for more distance or more feel, for instance. So for that reason I have broken this buyers guide into the following sections:

  • Part 1Most forgiving – helping with miss-hits
  • Part 2 – More distance – for those wanting a few more yards
  • Part 3 – Softest feel – for better control and read around the greens
  • Part 4 – Senior ladys – to help make the most of the swing you have today

For women with a below-average swing speed, playing with a low compression ball is what’s recommended. This will allow the ball to spring off the clubface so you don’t loose too much distance against the rest of the field. The best low compression golf balls for women include the Srixon Soft Feel Lady and the Callaway Supersoft

However, if your average swing speed is above 80mph then playing with a mid to high compression ball will ensure the best results. Golf balls like the Titleist Velocity or the Volvik Crystal are great options for fast swinging female players.

To understand what the best golf balls for women are, you have to understand a bit more about the key design features. So, later in this article, you will find a buyers guide to teach you what to look for, the reasons why you need them and the benefits you will see.

So, without further a due, let’s get stuck in.


The Best Golf Balls for Women ..

More often than not, golfers confuse forgiveness with a soft feel and vice versa. In layman’s terms, forgiveness is when you hit a terrible shot but still get a good result. The ball remains straight because of the design of either the golf ball or the golf club.

Everyone loves forgiveness, so this is where I’ll start our best golf balls for women review. These balls will give you optimal or close to optimal results even on miss-hit shots. The next section after this will be the best ladies golf balls for distance.

1. Srixon SOFT FEEL Lady

Look no further than the Srixon Soft Feel Lady if you are in the market for a forgiving golf ball.

The Soft Feel features Srixon’s energetic growth gradient core. This core is softer in the center but becomes firmer towards the perimeter. The design ensures a higher ball flight that easily launches into the air even if the strike isn’t 100%.

The Soft Feel Lady has a compression of 58, higher than that of the Bridgestone e6 Lady and the Wilson Optix. But don’t let this put you off because most female golfers will still be able to compress this with ease. 

This is a great golf ball for women and one that I often see played with around the course.

Srixon Soft Feel Lady - One of the best golf balls for women

Srixon SOFT FEEL Lady

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2. Bridgestone e6 Lady

The Bridgestone e6 Lady is one of the best women’s golf balls currently available on the market.

This 2-piece ball also features an ultra-low compression core. It’s the core that offers forgiveness and straight ball flights on off-center strikes.

The e6 Lady has a compression of 40, which is higher than that of the Wilson Optix. But, this won’t be noticeable, and it’s still effortless to compress. Like with the Wilson, the only drawback is that this ball won’t be suitable for faster swings.

bridgestone e6 lady golf balls - one of our best golf balls for women

Bridgestone e6 Lady

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3. Wilson Duo Optix

The Duo Optix golf ball by Wilson offers more than just a bright appearance. This golf ball is very forgiving, thanks to its high resilience polybutadiene core.

The design of the core promotes accuracy thanks to its straight ball flight bias. With the forgiveness of the Duo Optix your bad shots will end up being a lot better than before.

Additionally, the Duo Optix also has a very low compression of 35. With such a low compression, you can compress this ball with ease which helps improve ball speed.

A perfect strike isn’t required with the Duo Optix to bring out its optimal performance.

Wilson Duo Optix - Rated one of our Best Golf Balls for Women

Wilson Duo Optix

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The Best Golf Balls for Women ..

In this section, I will review three of the best distance golf balls for women. A ball needs to deliver faster ball speeds, optimal spin, and have an aerodynamic design to increase distance.

The golfers’ ability to compress the golf ball and its dimple and core design all have a direct impact. So, we will look at compression and other design elements to find the best distance golf balls for ladies.

After this section, we will take a look at the softest golf balls for women if you’re looking for great feel around the greens.

1. Wilson Tour Velocity

The mid compression Wilson Tour Velocity is designed with greater distance in mind. Women golfers can compress the core with ease, even with average swing speeds. Compression is vital for optimal spin rates, faster ball speeds, and greater distance.

Additionally, the Tour Velocity features a hard cover that also helps add distance. The cover produces enough energy for a longer roll and an optimal trajectory upon strike.

Wilson’s unique dimple design also adds distance from its aerodynamic properties. If affordable distance is what you are after, then look no further than the Tour Velocity.

wilson tour velocity - one of the best golf balls for women

The only drawback about this ball is that you won’t get the soft feel often desired around greens. The ball will feel a little hard and clicky, which you may find off-putting. But that’s not to say it won’t perform around the green – you just may not like the feel.

Wilson Tour Velocity

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2. Titleist Velocity

The Titleist Velocity golf ball is one of the longest golf balls on the market.

The Velocity features Titleist’s signature high-speed LSX core. Its high compression core promotes exceptional ball speeds with a strong ball flight. As a result, the ball delivers greater distance and a longer roll without a lot of effort.

As well as a fast core, the tiled 350 octahedral dimple pattern ticks all the boxes for aerodynamics. This design will give you less drag through the air, which also helps achieve more distance.

Titleist Velocity - One of the best golf balls for women

The Velocity is an excellent option if you are serious about adding distance to your game. I have seen some consumers say it’s added “20 extra yards off the tee”. And a few other customers claimed them to be their “favorite golf balls” when asked. So that’s a good sign.

Titleist Velocity

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3. Bridgestone Lady Precept

The Lady Precept by Bridgestone is the #1 selling ladies’ golf ball. When you take a closer look at what this golf ball has to offer, you will see why. Furthermore, this ball was born from over 14,000 fittings with women, so you’d expect it to be right.

This mid-compression ball has a compression of 50, making it easy to compress. It’s this compression that generates faster ball speeds off the face and a higher launch. The design also keeps the spin rate low, which is vital, so it doesn’t hold up in the wind.

These features and properties are what you need from a golf ball if you have an average swing speed. It will give you more consistency and optimal performances from every shot, long or short.

Bridgestone lady precept - one of the best golf balls for women

The only drawback was that the cover isn’t as durable as other options, so it may mark a little quicker than others. But, if it’s distance and control you want, then look no further than this.

Bridgestone Lady Precept

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The Best Golf Balls for Women ..

Soft feel golf balls deliver exceptional feel and greenside control. Core and cover design features are the two main factors when optimizing the feel of a golf ball.

Below, I will share three of the best soft feel golf balls for ladies, focusing on the cover and core design. After this section, I will introduce the three best golf balls for Senior women.

1. Srixon SOFT FEEL Lady

The name says it all, the Soft Feel Lady by Srixon is one of the softest golf balls currently available on the market.

The main feature that gives this women’s golf ball its exceptional softness is the core. The Soft Feel Lady has a Fastlayer core that is super soft on the inside and firmer towards the outer perimeter. This soft center delivers exceptional greenside control and feel.

The cover of the Soft Feel Lady is a soft Ionomer cover. The ultra-thin cover enhances the soft feel, and it also provides added spin on shots around the green.

You will be able to pick a box of these balls up for an affordable price, and they also come in a range of colors.

Srixon Soft Feel Lady - One of the best golf balls for women
The main drawback is that those with below-average swing speeds may not squeeze the most out of them. Finally, you may not find this ball the most durable due to its ultra-thin cover system.

Srixon SOFT FEEL Lady

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2. Callaway Supersoft

The Callaway Supersoft is one of the softest golf balls on the market today. The low compression Supersoft features an ultra-soft and easy to compress core. As a result, you will find that it delivers an exceptional feel and control around the greens.

The new Supersoft features an improved hybrid cover system. This cover system features an innovative patented Impact Modifier material. It’s this material that delivers its soft feel, durability, and exceptional greenside control. 

Callaway Supersoft - One of the best golf balls for beginners and high handicappers

The Supersoft remains a favorite amongst golfers. Many have reported it’s helped achieve longer distances, and it’s pretty forgiving. But, if you are someone with above-average swing speed, this may not be for you as you will compress it too much. On the flip side, if you have an average or below average swing speed, consider this.

The Supersoft is one of the most affordable balls on the market, delivering great value.

Callaway Supersoft

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3. Bridgestone e6 Lady

The Bridgestone e6 Lady golf ball is one of the softest women’s golf balls available on the market. Its softness is through its ultra-low and unique compression core design. The soft core is easy to compress for slow swinging players for optimal ball speeds, spin rates, and feel.

The e6 Lady also has a soft Ionomer cover which, further adds to the soft feel. Golfers I’ve met that play with the e6 Lady have said it’s “good around the green” and that they “Love this ball.” Some others also said, “the e6 Lady is my golf ball of choice”.

bridgestone e6 lady golf balls - one of our best golf balls for women

Like the popular e6 soft model that comes in an orange box, this ball also helps squeeze out a bit more distance. It’s also a very forgiving ball due to its low spinning properties. Being a low spinning ball will cut through the air and not tend to veer off.

This is another ball that won’t suit golfers with above-average swing speeds. The reason is they will compress the ball too much, creating too much force for the technology to perform. But that aside, this will be a great and affordable ball to have in the bag for many golfers.

Bridgestone e6 Lady

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The Best Golf Ball for Senior Women

Senior ladies tend to have below-average swing speeds. With that said, ultra-low compression golf balls are an excellent option for this. This group is often missed when looking at the best golf balls for women, but seniors are a big part of golf.

Today, I will take a close look at the three of the best golf balls for senior women. I will pay attention to the compression so slow-swinging players can get the most out of them.

If you wanted to go back up, then click here for the sections about most forgiveness, more distance or the softest feel.

1. Callaway Supersoft

The ultra-low compression Supersoft has a compression of 38! The optimized core design makes it easy to compress and achieve optimal performance.

Optimal compression allows more of the energy to transfer at impact. This energy transfer is what creates increased ball speeds and low long game spin. When this happens, you will see improved accuracy and more distance.

But, there is more to the Supersoft for seniors than compression. For instance, the Supersoft features Callaway’s signature HEX dimple pattern. This aerodynamic pattern is another vital part of helping senior ladies achieve distance.

Callaway Supersoft - One of the best golf balls for beginners and high handicappers
This ball isn’t ideal for those with above-average swing speeds, though. Faster swings over-compress the ball, which holds the technology back from performing.

Callaway Supersoft

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2. Wilson Duo Optix

The Wilson Duo Optix golf ball is a great golf ball for senior women’s golfers.

The low compression helps slow-swinging seniors to compress the ball for optimal performance. This is a common point in the balls I’ve picked here because seniors need help increasing ball speed.

The soft and high resilient polybutadiene core gives exceptional greenside control and feel. It also helps promote a straighter ball flight on longer shots.

The low compression and soft feel combo are popular for any golfer with a slow swing, so not just senior ladies. 

Wilson Duo Optix - Rated one of our Best Golf Balls for Women
Like the balls above, this won’t be suitable for seniors with faster swing speeds. Another downside is that you can’t get this ball in white if that’s important to you.

All in all, this is a good performing ball and offers excellent value for money.

Wilson Duo Optix

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3. Volvik Tour Crystal

The Volvik Tour Crystal is more than a colorful golf ball. The Tour Crystal is a high-quality 3-piece mid-compression golf ball. Its mid compression is ideal for senior ladies with swing speeds on the higher end of the spectrum.

From a performance standpoint, the Tour Crystal has it all. The soft multilayer core promotes faster ball speeds, a consistent ball flight, and excellent greenside control.

In true Volvik fashion, the Tour Crystal is available in a variety of bright color options. When it comes to the complete package, the Tour Crystal has it all.

You’ll also notice that these balls are pretty striking in color. These colors make them a lot easier to see and follow through the air.

It’s a three-piece golf ball, so the price is slightly higher than others on this page, but you will get the performance. This ball isn’t suitable for seniors with faster swing speeds over 90mph.

volvik tour golf balls - one of the best golf balls for women

Volvik Tour Crystal

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Key Features & Buyers Guide

How to Find the Best Golf Balls for Women ..

The first point I’d like to make is that there is no rule to say women should only play with women-branded balls. That is a marketing technique. Put simply, the golf balls labeled for women are just golf balls that are easier to compress.

Most amateur women golfers have a slower swing speed than their male counterparts. For swing speeds around 65 – 75mph, there are specific characteristics you should look for. So, most women should use a golf ball with low compression and a soft feel to maximize distance and accuracy. Having done this review, I found the Srixon SOFT FEEL to be the best golf ball for women – and you will see why soon.

But, before we look at boxes of golf balls, we need to understand the golf ball features that help women the most. These key features are compression, dimple design, spin rate and durability.

1. Compression

The compression of a golf ball depends on how wound and tight the threads of the core are. Tightly wound cores have a high compression rating and vice versa with low compression golf balls.

Golf ball compression is a significant factor when it comes to deciding which golf ball to play with. The average driver swing speed for amateur women golfers is between 65 and 70 mph. If this is your swing speed, you will suit a low compression golf ball with a rating of 60 or below.

Playing with the right compression will always allow you to get the most out of the ball. If slow swingers play with a high compression ball, they won’t compress it enough to squeeze out the technology.

2. Dimple Design

The dimple design of a golf ball varies from one manufacturer to the next. Callaway is famous for its hexagonal patterns, but Titleist relies on spherically tiled patterns instead.

The dimple design of a golf ball has a direct impact on aerodynamics and performance. Dimple designs that promote distance, less drag, and lift are the ideal combination for female players. This is because most amateurs struggle with distance and height due to a slower swing speed.

So, when looking at golf balls, try and find a design that helps reduce spin and drag so you can get a few more yards.

3. Spin Rate

Most amateur golfers misunderstand the concept of spin in golf. Spin often refers to the golf ball’s stopping power on the green, but it also has a big role in distance, accuracy, and ball flight.

For lady golfers, it is essential to play with a golf ball that delivers optimal spin based on swing speed. If the golf ball doesn’t have enough spin, players will struggle with height on their shots. The lack of height then makes it hard to maximize your distance.

On the other hand, too much spin will result in wayward shots and missed fairways.

4. Durability

The durability of a golf ball depends on the quality of the ball’s cover design. The last thing any golfer wants is for their ball to look used and abused after the first couple of holes.

Most of the time, golf ball covers use either Surlyn or Urethane materials. Urethane is softer than Surlyn, but it does offer an exceptional feel. Surlyn, on the other hand, offers extra durability but does feel firmer off the clubface at impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst testing, reviewing and talking to lady golfers about the best golf balls for women, there were a handful of regular questions being asked. I felt it would be useful to share these here, along with the answers I gave to help them understand which golf ball might be best for them. 

Q1 – Are Women’s Golf Balls Different From Men’s?

To get to the bottom of this, it is essential to understand the design of a golf ball. Understanding compression, in particular, is a must.

Compression translates into the force required to compress the ball at impact. Optimal compression of the golf ball ensures the best performance. The majority of female players have below-average swing speeds; as a result, a low compression golf ball is the best option for most women.

Golf ball manufacturers identified this as an opportunity to market golf balls specifically to women. In theory, there is no difference between the design of men and women golf balls. The low compression version marketed as a women’s golf ball is also available as a men’s golf ball for male players with below-average swing speeds.

Q2 – Can Men Play With Women’s Golf Balls?

There is no reason why they can’t play with a women’s golf ball. What matters is whether or not the design features of the golf ball are the right match for your golf game.

As I am sure you know by now, the most crucial design factor is compression. Most women’s golf balls are mid to low compression golf balls with compression ratings between 60 and 30. Golf balls with this compression rating are ideal for male golfers with below-average swing speeds.

Beginners and senior players, in particular, tend to have below-average swing speeds. If your average swing speed with your driver is below 80mph playing with a mid-low compression golf ball is a must. A low compression golf ball is recommended for players with a swing speed below 60mph.

Additional design elements will further ensure optimal performance for slow-swinging male players. These elements include dimple aerodynamics and the cover system used in the design of female golf balls. As with compression, these design factors don’t differ between golf balls marketed as male versus female options.

If you are a male golfer with an above-average swing speed, performance will suffer if you play with a mid or low-compression women’s golf ball. Fast swinging players will over-compress the ball at impact. In return, this will result in low spin rates and slower ball speeds. Combined, these factors will result in distance loss and inconsistent shot shapes. 

Q3 – What Compression is Best For Women With Slower Swing Speeds?

Most female golfers have slow swing speeds that range between 60 and 70 mph with their drivers. As a result, playing with an ultra-low compression golf ball such as the Bridgestone e6 Lady would be best.

In a recent article I looked at the best compression level for women with slower swing speeds in detail, where I found that anything with a compression rating between 38 and 70 would be suitable. The e6 Lady has an ultra-low compression of 44, which should suit most players.

Q4 – Do Women’s Golf Balls Go Further?

Unfortunately, it’s not that black and white I’m afraid. We’ve looked at whether women’s golf balls go further in a separate article and found that the answer comes down to whether you have matched the compression to your swing speed correctly.

There’s no such thing as a women’s golf ball, in theory. The golf balls that women tend to play with are just ultra-low compression ones. The reason most women play with ultra-low compression is because they have a below-average swing speed. When people with below average swing speeds hit a lower compression ball, it will feel like it goes further but that’s only because it’s easier to compress. But, if someone with a faster swing speed did the same test, they would get more distance with the firmer ball.

So the answer depends on who is hitting the ball and what their swing speed is.

Q5 – How Far Can A Woman Hit A Golf Ball?

For women that swing their driver at 65mph should carry the ball about 160 – 165 yards, which is good. Then, on average, with that swing speed they should expect their 7-iron to carry the ball around 95 yards too. This is the category that most female beginners will fall into.

There’s some important considerations to understand when it comes to working out how far a women can hit a golf ball, as it depends on swing speed, smash factor, the clubs you have and the ball you play with.

There’s also the fact that when you improve, you will tend to squeeze even more yards out. For instance, some mid-handicappers can swing their driver at speeds above 80mph, which should result in a 190 yards drive distance. If we look at the 7-iron distance for women with that swing speed, then I’d expect the ball to travel somewhere between 125 and 135 yards.

Q6 – What Is A Good Driver Distance For A Woman Golfer?

This is a very subjective question, but a good golf driving distance for a woman golfer very much  depends on factors such as age, handicap and your swing speed.

For some average numbers, you should expect a typical LPGA tour player to drive the ball anywhere between 250 and 270 yards quite comfortably.

For the average weekend golfer, you should expect someone of mid-handicap level with good athleticism achieve 200 to 220 yards with their drive. However, you should expect a senior lady golfer to achieve an average drive distance of 165 to 185 yards depending on handicap and strike quality.

Driving distance isn’t everything in golf, as most games are won and lost within 100 yards. The players who have more control over the golf ball within this range tend to be the ones that have lower handicaps and finish relatively high in the weekly medal. 


Final Thoughts

The Best Golf Ball for Women

Srixon Soft Feel Lady - One of the best golf balls for women

Finding the perfect golf ball for your game can be difficult, with so many options to choose from. But, most of the best golf balls for women are just ultra-low compression balls. Generally, ladies don’t swing the club as fast, so they get better results with something easier to compress.

For females with slow swing speed, the Bridgestone e6 Lady is one of the best options that money can buy.

The Volvik Tour Crystal is a great golf ball for women with an average swing speed. But, the best all-around golf ball for women is, without a doubt, the Srixon Soft Feel Lady.

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