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February 5, 2021

When playing golf, it can prove quite difficult if your hands become distracted from constant movement due to moisture or sweaty palms. This will, in turn, affect your grip and your ultimate enjoyment of the round. If this sounds familiar, then stay put because today I share what I’ve found to be the best golf glove for sweaty hands as well as all the science and technical reasons behind it.

Did you know – the medically known term for sweaty palms is palmar hyperhidrosis? There’s one for a future quiz, I’m sure.

In my search for the best golf glove for sweaty hands, I identified all cases and scenarios that golfers like yourself were experiencing then measured each glove against them issues. As we discuss talk through the different gloves, you will see how I am measuring their performance against following attributes:

  • i)    a good fit
  • ii)   comfort
  • iii)  breathability
  • iv)  moisture wicking efficacy, and
  • v)   good value and price.

Let’s get stuck in, as I can’t wait to share what I found.

The Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

Product Reviews

The gloves I have found will all perform for you under them hot, humid and even those nerving conditions that may trigger sweat within our palms.

In extreme conditions, a golf glove should still fit snugly, allow you to have a proper grip and keep your hand as dry as possible to make every shot count.

So let’s dive in and go through them one by one so you can see what truly are the best golf glove for sweaty hands.

Finger Ten Men’s Golf Glove

The Finger Ten’s Rain Grip Golf Gloves are a great all-weather glove made from a breathable and moisture wicking high quality mesh.

This material is lightweight and flexible and is most suitable for golfers who sweat a lot in hot conditions, giving you a good grip throughout the day. Your hand stays cool and dry even in high humidity. The fit is comfortable and the price, affordable, especially for the two-pack. A great bonus is that these gloves are machine-washable without any shrinkage or deformation, so they are sure to last you a while.

finger ten golf glove - one of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands


  • ✅   Breathability in key areas of the hand and palm.
  • ✅   Padded thumb for an enhanced grip on all clubs.
  • ✅   Available in pairs for wet days.
  • ✅   Lycra spandex in fingers for extra flexibility to prevent tear.


  • X    Ball marker included on glove falls off quite easily.

Finger Ten Rain Grip Golf Glove

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FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

The FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove is famous for being the number one selling golf glove in the world, and for good reason.

When you hold it, the first thing you think is “soft, luxuriously soft”. This glove is made of a combination of soft synthetic material, Premium Cabretta leather on the thumb and palm areas, and power mesh over the knuckles.

It offers a secure fit, thanks to a comfortable, three-directional, adjustable closure. The power mesh adds to the breathability and flexibility. Being breathable means air can circulate through the glove, allowing sweat to evaporate and eliminating moisture build up.

 The leather is placed in strategic areas that are subject to high stress. The glove is true to size, and fits snugly, in part due to the wrist elastic. It is durable (lasts more than 50 rounds) and holds up in hot or cold, wet or sunny weather conditions.

footjoy weather sof golf glove - one of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands

The FJ WeatherSof has a firm grip even when wet. This is essential because your gloved hand is the one that must grip your club the strongest. The price is very good for the premium quality. When buying this glove, just be aware that you are getting one, not two.


  • ✅   Extremely soft and comfortable feel.
  • ✅   Very secure and breathable fit.
  • ✅   Flexible for extra durability against stress.
  • ✅   Lasts more than 50 rounds!
  • ✅   Excellent customer reviews.


  • X    Only one glove in a pack.

Footjoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

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Grip Boost Tour Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0

The third glove that I looked at is the Grip Boost Tour Second Skin Men’s Golf Glove 2.0.

Like the FJ WeatherSof, it also comes in white. But this glove is all AAA Cabretta leather which enhances the grip, and makes the glove durable in all types of weather.

It features a mesh design, but on the index finger and thumb, to enhance breathability and get rid of moisture-causing heat.

The closure strap is unique in that it is angled for a custom fit that you can adjust to your hand size.

grip boost tour golf glove - one of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands

This glove is called Second Skin, because that is what it feels like – snug and comfortable. But, unfortunately, this glove is not as durable as the FJ WeatherSof, and it’s been reported to tear within a few months. It’s a good glove and if it works for you I would just suggest double reinforcing the stitching to increase durability.


  • ✅     Extremely snug and comfortable for that ‘second skin’ feeling .
  • ✅     Enhanced grip from AAA Cabretta leather.
  • ✅     Mesh design on finger and thumb for more breathability.
  • ✅     Uniquely angled strap for extra comfort.


  • X    Been reported to tear within few months.

Grip Boost Tour Second Skin Golf Glove

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Hirzl Trust Control All Weather Golf Glove

Next on my list is the Hirzl Trust Control All Weather Golf Glove. It is a little bit pricier than the other three but it has some noteworthy features.

The glove is made of kangaroo leather, synthetic leather and Airtech mesh so it is great for both wet and dry conditions.

Kangaroo leather is said to be the strongest leather in the world, by weight. The leather adds strength to high stress areas and improves grip, and the mesh makes the glove breathable and wicks away moisture.

The leather has been specially treated, giving it excellent grip in all weather conditions. The fact that this gives five times more grip in wet conditions makes it a great choice for sweaty hands.

hirzl trust golf glove - one of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands

The leather patches on the palms are said to be sweat-free and water absorbing so you can maintain a firm grip even in hot and humid conditions.

The cuff of the glove is long and features a sweatband to further aid play if you have a perspiration problem. The glove is quite pricey though, so take that into consideration.


  • ✅     Excellent grip in both wet and dry weather.
  • ✅     Extremely strong leather in all high stress areas.
  • ✅     Extremely breathable with ‘sweat free’ palm patches.
  • ✅     Cuff lined with sweatband material.


  • X    More expensive, but it is justified in my view.


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TaylorMade Stratus All Leather Glove

We’ll now look at the TaylorMade Stratus All Leather Glove. It is not only affordable, but looks great with its monochromatic appearance.

It is made from wear-resistant leather that is highly breathable as well as durable and comfortable.

The glove features small perforations which allow air to flow and moisture to evaporate. This is a definite plus when it comes to sweat issues.

There is a stretch panel on the knuckles making the glove flexible yet snug and the elasticated wrist band wicks away moisture, keeping you dry even in the hottest environment. 

TaylorMade Stratus Glove - one of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands

The fact that this glove is flexible means you can maintain a strong grip without the glove feeling too tight. I prefer leather gloves because they feel softer and they afford me a better grip. The fit is great and the panel helped my hand stay dry in the warmer months too.

The only con is that they do get affected in wet weather, and some customers have again reported tears within a few months of use. The TaylorMade Stratus All Leather is great value for money, but they may not last as long as you would ideally want.


  • ✅     Very nice and minimalist look.
  • ✅     Highly breathable and durable leather.
  • ✅     Stretch panels allow for a snug and flexible fit under stress.
  • ✅     Affordable price.


  • X    They tend to underperform in wet weather conditions.

TaylorMade Stratus All Leather Glove

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Finding the Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

The Technical Make up of Golf Gloves

You will notice throughout our search for the best golf glove for sweaty hands, there have been some technical terminology used. Before you decide on the glove that matches your personal taste, it’s important to consider the following background information and technical attributes that make up this type of glove.

Let us explore these now.

Correct Grip

If you are a right-handed player, your left hand – your weaker hand – will be your gloved hand.

The glove should help keep your hand firmly on the golf club grip without allowing it to slip or slide in hot and humid or wet weather. This typically requires ergonomically placed non-slip, leather patches on the palm, as well as micro-ventilation to aid in repelling moisture.

The glove should also be flexible so that even when you adjust your grip, you will still feel comfortable. A great glove will have an elasticated wrist band to wick away moisture and help facilitate a good grip.


A golf glove should be durable and long lasting enough to let you play a few rounds without it disintegrating.

Common high stress areas that are prone to wear and tear are the thumb and palm areas. This is where you need to have a strong material such as leather to withstand the added pressure.

Extra padding here also helps, especially to prevent the formation of blisters, but this padding must not be thick as this will affect your grip.

Synthetic gloves tend to last longer than leather ones, so a combination of synthetic and genuine leather should enhance durability and prolong the life of your glove.

It is a fact, though, that you will have to replace your gloves, and more often if you are a regular player.


There is nothing worse than material that does not allow air to flow.

The result is a build up of moisture which is something that you do not want in a golf glove. Fabric should be breathable so that air can circulate and sweat can evaporate. This maintains the inside of the glove at a cool and comfortable temperature.

Leather has an inherent breathability that is unmatched. It is able to release moisture as vapour and this makes it great for golf players with sweaty hands.

Power mesh in strategic locations such as across the knuckles also facilitates air flow and reduces moisture. Small perforations further aid with breathability.

Size & Fit

A great golf glove should feel tight upon initial use and loosen up after a couple of rounds.

It should ideally fit like a second skin. There are two measurements that will determine what your glove size is. They are the length of the palm and middle finger, as well as the circumference of the hand taken around the first knuckle.

Your glove should not be loose or wrinkled – it should fit snugly and comfortably with some flexibility for different ranges of motion.

An elasticated wrist design and adjustable closure tab create a custom and comfortable fit. A great golf glove should fit true to size without stretch, yet it should not be restrictive.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I took the time to read forums and customer reviews left against all the products I considered, there appeared to. bea few unanswered questions which I have listed below to help make sure there’s nothing else left for you to wonder about choosing the best golf glove for your palms.

Which hand do you wear a golf glove on?

If you are a right-handed player, you will wear your golf glove on your left hand. If you are a left-handed player, then you will wear your golf glove on your right hand.

The glove is traditionally worn on your weak hand. As a right-handed player, I wear my glove on my left hand and as such, I buy gloves that are labelled Left Hand.

What glove size do I need?

You need the glove size that looks and feels like your second skin.

There should be no excess fabric on the glove and it should feel tight when you first wear it. It will loosen after a couple of rounds.

For instance, to wear a men’s glove size small, the length of your palm and middle finger should be 7 inches (18cm) and the circumference of the hand should be 7 ¾ to 8 inches.

How should a golf glove fit?

A golf glove should be tight across the palm and fingers and there should not be any loose material at the top of the fingers. It should fit snugly while allowing you to grip the club properly.

The fit should be true to size, without stretch. The glove should in essence fit perfectly.

When should you wear a golf glove?

A golf glove should be worn any time you play golf, be it on the golf course, or the driving range.

Gloves help prevent blisters from forming on your hands and they help give you a strong firm grip. It should be your standard practice to pack your gloves when you pack your golf bag.

To keep your gloves clean, hand wash them with cold water and mild detergent, but only when they are visibly soiled as too much washing will cause them to wear out more quickly. Do not let the glove soak up moisture. Then air dry your glove, away from direct sunlight as this will cause the leather to crack or shrink.

What are golf gloves made of?

Golf gloves can be made of all leather, called cabretta leather, or they can be made of synthetic leather, or they can be a combination of leather and synthetic leather.

Synthetic gloves tend to last longer and are more flexible, however leather gloves have unsurpassed breathability. With all things being equal, no single leather material is better than another.

It all comes down to personal preference and budget. For me, nothing beats the softness and luxury feel of genuine leather, though.

Yet synthetic leather gloves can look like the real thing and have a longer functional life for a fraction of the price. The disadvantage of synthetic gloves is that they are not as breathable or as comfortable as leather gloves.

Overall Summary & Conclusion

Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

Golf gloves may seem like a minor piece of clothing, yet they play a major role in the execution of your swing. They help protect your hand from injury and keep moisture away, for those of us who play in warmer weather. This results in a firmer grip and better all-round play.

Prior to this research, I was one of those players who simply picked the glove that the store stocked in my size without giving it much thought. Now, however, I consider my climate and weather conditions and make informed and educated choices regarding the type and brand of golf glove that I buy.

It is important that this choice cater for all needs, be they wet conditions or crazy humidity. I now know that certain key features should be sought when sourcing new gloves. Characteristics such as snug fit without restrictiveness, and micro perforations for improved air flow must be noted before making a final choice.

There are a host of golf gloves out there that could have made the cut as one of my best golf glove for sweaty hands, but it’s all a matter of personal preference. For me, the best golf glove for sweaty hands is without doubt the Hirzl Trust Control All Weather Golf Glove, closely followed by Footjoy’s WeatherSof Glove.

However, the best approach for you now is to pick one from my list that you feel confident will solve the issues you’re experiencing during your round of golf.

Thanks for reading, and play well!

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