The 4 Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

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Written by Mark

I've been involved in the world of golf for just over five years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

February 8, 2021

Sweaty hands are a problem that many suffer from. Whether they are caused by hot and humid conditions, physical activity or overactive sweat glands, moist hands and golf simply do not go well together. Today, I will talk through what I have found to be the best golf grips for sweaty hands in an attempt to help your game.

Nothing is more stressful than your grip slipping in your hands during your swing. This causes doubt, distraction and ultimately one bad shot after another. As a result, this can lead to a lack of confidence in your game and that is not a place any of us want to be!

If you feel your current grip is letting you down and you are on a search for something new, then read on because you won’t just see what I have found to be the best golf grips for sweaty hands, but the technical reasons behind why.

We reviewed our top five best grips for this perspiration issue, looking at features such as moisture absorption ability and size, and we came up with a list that will, hopefully, help you make an informed purchase for your next golf club grips.

    Let’s get stuck in, as I can’t wait to share what I found.

    The Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

    Product Reviews

    To make this list, the grip had to be comfortable and durable, but most importantly, have excellent sweat resistance.

    It had to be made of a material that wicks away moisture to help improve our game. In short, it had to be worthy enough to make us abandon our current grips in favour of something new.

    This is what we found.

    Winn DriTac AVS

    Winn golf grips are a great brand to consider. If grip slippage is driving you insane, then you may want to give these Winn DriTac Standard Golf Grips a try. The DriTac range was designed with players with sweaty hands in mind. These grips are made of rubber and WinnDry Polymer Material which is slip-resistant in all weather conditions or if hands sweat.

    The grip surface is treaded, not smooth, and very tacky, helping to keep your hands from slipping. The soft cushioning adds to the comfort factor. These grips feel tackier than the Golf Pride grips which means you have to apply less pressure to get the same stability even in wet conditions or if hands are sweaty.

    The grips are available in the following sizes: standard, undersize, midsize, oversize and ladies. They come in seven colours and they have a tapered profile. These grips offer excellent quality at an affordable price.

    winn dritac golf grips - one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands


    • ✅   Slip-resistant and tacky – great for wet or sweaty hands
    • ✅   Suited for both men and women.
    • ✅   Requires less pressure than other grips.
    • ✅   Have alignment guides for proper hand placement – great for beginners.
    • ✅   Excellent shock absorption.



    • X    Some customers found they wore out a little quicker than others.

    Winn DryTac AVS Grips

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    Golf Pride MCC New Decade

    Next on the list is the Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multicompound Golf Grip. It is a hybrid grip made of rubber and cord. The brushed cotton cord has moisture wicking properties – helping to keep your hands dry – and the rubber adds to the grip’s stability and responsiveness.

    The cord portion allows the upper hand to grip firmly in all weather conditions, and the rubber part accommodates the bottom hand, so you know exactly where to place your hands every time. This grip is pebbled, maximising your hold and ultimately, your control over the club.

    The Golf Pride grips are durable and they just feel nice. It is no wonder that Golf Pride is the world leader when it comes to golf grip innovation and technology.

    Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multicompound Golf Grips - one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands


    • ✅   The brushed cotton cord wicks away moisture
    • ✅   The rubber / cord design gives a great feel.
    • ✅   They come in a range of colours.
    • ✅   Quality feel.
    • ✅   Extremely durable.


    • X    Some may find them slightly pricey.

    Golf Price MCC New Decade

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    Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

    Third on our list is another offering by Golf Pride – the MCC Plus 4. Like the New Decade Multi Compound, the MCC Plus 4 is also a hybrid grip but it has a larger lower hand which means no more need to wrap extra grip tape to reduce tapering. In addition, the rubber is softer than that of the New Decade Multi Compound.

    Once again, the brushed cotton cord contains moisture-wicking cotton fibres so clammy hands are sure to be kept under control. The grip is very secure and players have found no slipping, even with sweaty hands.

    Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 - one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands

    Some people say even without a glove, this grip never slips.


    • ✅     The brushed cotton fibres wick away moisture to keep sweat at bay.
    • ✅     Non-slip in wet conditions.
    • ✅     Larger lower hand means you apply less grip pressure.
    • ✅     Very good durability.
    • ✅     Easy to install.


    • X    Some people may find these grips expensive, although most players find them well-priced for the quality.

    Golf Pride MCC Plus4

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    Lamkin UTX Full Cord

    The Lamkin UTX Golf Grip is advertised as a high performance, all weather golf grip that feels as good as it plays. These grips are made with three-layer technology for excellent wet-weather performance so you know they are bound to be great for sweaty hands.

    The middle of the three layers is a fabric weave which wicks away moisture and reduces slippage. Some players are even able to play without a glove with no slipping. The Lamkin UTX grips perform very well in hot, humid and wet conditions.

    Lamkin UTX Full Cord Golf Grips - one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands


    • ✅     Fabric weave wicks moisture away – great for sweaty hands.
    • ✅     Holds its grip when wet from rain or sweat.
    • ✅     Softer than other full cord grips.
    • ✅     Attractive looks and affordable price.


    • X    Not any significant flaws with this grip, but do be careful as there appears to be many counterfeit UTX versions out there.

    Lamkin UTX Full Cord Grips

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    Finding the Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

    The Technical Make up of Golf Grips

    Whilst reviewing for the best golf grips for sweaty hands, there has been some technical terminology used. I’ve taken some time to explain more about these below, as it’s very important you know a bit more about what to look out for before you go ahead and make your purchase.

    Let us explore these now.

    Moisture Absorption

    Hybrid golf grips are made of brushed cotton cord and softer rubber. The brushed cotton has moisture wicking properties which means that it quickly moves sweat to the grip’s outer surface and it dries rapidly so that your sweat does not saturate the grip material.

    Some full cord grips such as the Lamkin UTX have three layers, of which the middle is a fabric weave with excellent moisture wicking ability.

    Playing golf with grips that wick away moisture makes you more comfortable, reduces slipping and therefore, grip pressure. This reduces hand and wrist tension, allowing you to have a more enjoyable game.


    Various online sources have found that between 7 and 9 people out of 10 players are using the wrong size grip.That is astounding, considering that a great golf grip should fit your hands perfectly.

    Golf grips generally come in the following sizes:

    • – Ladies / junior / undersized
    • – Standard
    • – Midsized, and
    • – Oversized / jumbo

    Then these sizes can typically correspond to the following glove sizes, which you can use as a guide:

    Grip Size

    Glove Size

    Junior / undersized



    Medium / large



    Oversized / jumbo

    Extra-large / jumbo

    If you choose a grip that is too small, this will cause the smaller muscles of the fingers and hands to work harder, making your motion too vigorous and causing you to release your clubhead quicker than desired. Hooking the ball is also more likely with grips that are too small.

    If your grips are too big this will decrease the speed of your hands resulting in reduced swing speed. This promotes slicing of the golf ball. Thus, grip size is important and the wrong size can hamper your swing.


    Golf grips can be made entirely of brushed cotton cord or they can be a hybrid, consisting of two materials such as cord and rubber.

    Full cord grips tend to be a bit tough on the hands and may cause blistering so be prepared for that. Rubber grips are softer, and hybrid grips offer the best of both worlds in that the cord portion offers moisture wicking properties, while the rubber portion offers softness, club control and stability.

    One Piece or Bulk Buy

    When coming to changing your grips, a major point to consider is whether you should change just one or two grips or replace all of them at the same time.

    Generally, good grips can last you about three years, but you can change them sooner than that if they tear or lose their tackiness and become slick.

    Price is another factor that will influence whether you buy only a few grips or an entire set. You can, for instance, buy the whole set of Winn DriTac Grips for what you would spend on only a few Golf Pride grips.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whilst shortlisting what I found to be the best golf grips for sweaty hands, I also found a lot of questions being asked by other golfers that share the same frustrations. I have collected these questions and answered them accordingly to help make sure you can go away with all the confidence you need to make your choice.

    Why should I regrip my clubs?

    The grip is the only part of the golf club that your hands come into contact with. Apart from normal wear and tear as time goes by, the ozone, dirt and oils from your hands also contribute to the wearing down of your grips.

    A fresh grip has good traction so you don’t have to squeeze it as hard to get a proper swing. This in turn improves your game. Furthermore, golf grips can be an extension and expression of your personality so why not choose grips in colours that you fancy?

    How often should I regrip my clubs?

    It is not a good idea to wait for your grips to shred and fall apart before thinking of replacing them. However, good grips can last around two to three years.

    If you do not regrip and you start to make compensatory adjustments such as applying too much grip pressure, this can change your game in a way that may seem imperceptible at first, but that will ultimately spoil your game.

    I would recommend kitting out all your clubs in a new set of grips every three years. But if your grips become shiny and slippery, you should replace them.

    How do new grips improve my game?

    Worn or slick grips will adversely affect your swing. How? Your grip pressure will increase, causing the speed of the backswing to increase and resulting in decreased fullness of motion. This leads to decreased speed of the clubhead leading to decreased distance of the ball to the target.

    So, a fresh new grip can only improve your game by giving you the best potential as a player.

    How do you know what grip size to use?

    Most players use standard size grips, but there will always be those players with large or small hands, who need oversize or undersize grips.

    A proper size grip should allow the fingers in your top hand to just touch the palm. The best way to get your correct grip size, however, is to consult with a golf professional or a professional golf club builder who can recommend your correct size on the basis of factors such as the size of your hands, your swing technique and the pattern of your shots.

    There are also general size guides based on the size of golf glove that you wear.

    How do I tell if my golf grips are too small?

    If your two middle fingers are digging into the heel portion of your palm when you hold your club, then your grips are too small for you.

    This makes it difficult for you to hold on the club strongly.

    How tight should I grip my golf club?

    When holding your golf club, you should have just enough grip pressure to effectively control the club.

    Your grip must be firm so that the club does not slip out of your hands, but not so tight that it causes tension in your wrists and arms.

    What about putter grips?

    Putter grips are not used as frequently as other clubs per green so they often do not get the attention that is required. But they are extremely important because a putt is necessary for scoring in golf.

    To putt well, your putter grip should be in tip top condition, and this means cleaning it as well to keep that fresh tacky feel.

    What is a hybrid grip?

    A hybrid grip is a golf grip that contains two materials such as bushed cotton cord in the top hand and rubber in the bottom hand.

    The cord has moisture wicking features and the rubber provides responsiveness and stability.

    How do I clean my golf grips?

    Dirt, perspiration, ozone, skin oils, sun damage from your clubs lying in the boot of your car and normal wear and tear all contribute to reducing the shelf-life of your golf grips.

    You can make your grips last longer by cleaning them regularly. You can use a mild dishwashing detergent on most grips. You can also use a soft abrasive sponge or brush for rubber and cord grips.

    After you scrub the grip you should rinse it thoroughly in warm water until all the soap has been removed. Then air dry the grip or wipe it down with a towel.

    Overall Summary & Conclusion

    Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

    If playing golf with sweaty hands has been an issue for you, I hope that this list has helped you consider fitting new and better suited grips. You can carefully assess the features that we have discussed and choose those that are right for you. Don’t let these replaceable golf club components ruin your game. Make it a habit to always play with fresh golf grips that wick away moisture and you will notice a definite improvement all round.

    Thanks for reading, and play well!

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