The Four Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

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February 8, 2021

Today, you will find the four best golf grips for sweaty hands. These grips will help bring more control, consistency, and comfort to every swing you make.

Sweaty hands are a problem that many suffer from when playing golf. Nothing is more stressful than your grip or glove slipping during your swing. It causes doubt, distraction, and one bad shot after another.

After the product reviews, I then share more details about the key features you need. To end the article, I give my thoughts around the most common questions about this challenge.

The Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Product Reviews

The grip had to be comfortable, durable, and have excellent water resistance to appear on my list. Therefore, I chose grips made of materials that wick away moisture too.

You can buy these grips either as a set or one by one. Additionally, all grips are within the average price point, with nothing more than $12 per grip.

1. Winn DriTac AVS

Winn golf grips are a great brand to consider. If grip slippage is driving you insane, then give these Winn DriTac Standard Golf Grips a try. The DriTac range is for players with sweaty hands in mind.

The grips are made from rubber and WinnDry Polymer Material. This combination provides excellent slip-resistance in all weathers and if the hands sweat.

The grip surface is treaded, not smooth, and very tacky. As a result, these grips prevent your hands from slipping. The soft cushioning then adds to the comfort factor. There is a more tackier feel here than the Golf Pride grips, which means you can apply less pressure.

The grips are available in standard, undersize, midsize, oversize, and ladies sizes. They come in seven colors, and they have a tapered profile. These grips offer excellent quality at an affordable price.

winn dritac golf grips - one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands

Winn DryTac AVS Grips

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2. Golf Pride MCC New Decade

Next on the list is the Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multicompound Golf Grip. It is a hybrid grip made of rubber and cord.

The brushed cotton cord has moisture-wicking properties to help keep your hands dry. The rubber then adds to the grip’s stability and responsiveness.

Additionally, the cord part allows a firm grip with the upper hand in all weather conditions. The rubber part then supports the bottom hand, so you know exactly where to place your hands every time. This grip is pebbled, maximizing your hold and control over the club.

The Golf Pride grips are durable and feel nice. Because of this, it’s no wonder that Golf Pride is the world leader in grip innovation and technology.

Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multicompound Golf Grips - one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands

Golf Price MCC New Decade

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3. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Like the New Decade Multi-Compound, the MCC Plus 4 is also a hybrid grip. In comparison, this has a bigger lower hand which means no more need to wrap extra grip tape to reduce tapering. The rubber is softer in comparison to the New Decade Multi-Compound, so you should experience more comfort.

Like above, the brushed cotton cord contains moisture-wicking fibers to control clammy hands. The grip is very secure, and players have found no slipping, even with sweaty hands.

Some people say even without a glove, this grip never slips.

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 - one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands

Golf Pride MCC Plus4

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4. Lamkin UTX Full Cord

The Lamkin UTX Golf Grip is a high-performance, all-weather golf grip that feels as good as it plays.

These grips are made with three-layer technology for excellent wet-weather performance. This technology also makes them great for sweaty hands.

The middle of the three layers is a fabric weave that wicks away moisture and reduces slippage. Some players are even able to play without a glove with no slipping. The Lamkin UTX grips perform very well in hot, humid, and wet conditions.

Lamkin UTX Full Cord Golf Grips - one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands

Lamkin UTX Full Cord Grips

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Finding the Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

The Technical Make up of Golf Grips

When writing up the best golf grips for sweaty hands, I repeated a few technical terms. This section will talk more about these terms, as you must know what a grip should have.

Moisture Absorption

Hybrid golf grips are brushed cotton cord and softer rubber most of the time. Brushed cotton has moisture-wicking properties, moving the sweat to the outer surface. In addition, this cotton also dries faster so that your sweat does not stay around.

Some full cord grips, such as the Lamkin UTX, have three layers. The middle layer is a fabric weave with the excellent moisture-wicking ability too.

Playing golf with grips that wick away moisture makes you more comfortable. They reduce slipping and often don’t need as much grip pressure. This reduces hand and wrist tension, which allows you to make much better strikes.


Various online blogs have found that around 7 to 9 players out of 10 use the wrong size grip. That is astounding, considering that a golf grip should fit your hands perfectly.

Golf grips generally come in the following sizes:

  • •  Ladies / junior / undersized
  • •  Standard
  • •  Midsized, and
  • •  Oversized / jumbo

These sizes can then correspond to the following glove sizes, which you can use as a guide:

Grip Size

Glove Size

Junior / undersized



Medium / large



Oversized / jumbo

Extra-large / jumbo

A grip that is too small will cause muscles in the fingers and hands to work harder. This action promotes a vigorous motion, causing you to release the clubhead too soon. An early release causes a Hook, which is more likely with grips that are too small.

If your grips are too big, this will decrease the speed of your hands, resulting in reduced swing speed. This action results in an open clubface at impact, causing you to slice the golf ball.

Thus, grip size is crucial, and the wrong size can hamper your swing.


Golf grips are often brushed cotton cord or a hybrid blend of two materials; cord and rubber.

Full cord grips tend to be a bit tough on the hands and may cause blistering, so be aware of that. Rubber grips are softer, but hybrid grips offer the best of both worlds.

The cord element of hybrid grips offers moisture-wicking properties. But, the rubber part of hybrid grips offers softness, club control, and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

While writing about the best golf grips for sweaty hands, I noticed a lot of questions.

Here’s my response to the most common ones, so you have everything you need in one place. By the end, you will be able to make your own decision on which is the best grips for sweaty hands for you.

Why should I regrip my clubs?

The grip is the only part of the golf club that your hands contact. Apart from normal wear, dirt and oils from your hands also contribute to the wearing down of your grips.

A new grip has good traction, so you don’t have to squeeze it as hard to get a proper swing. Better traction, in turn, improves your game.

How often should I regrip my clubs?

It is not a good idea to wait for your grips to shred and fall apart before thinking of replacing them. But, good grips can last around two to three years if looked after.

If you do not regrip, you start to make compensatory adjustments. One of these adjustments is applying too much grip pressure. When you grip too hard, you reduce the energy in the strike which will affect your shots. So be careful.

I would recommend kitting out all your clubs in a new set of grips every two years. But if your grips become shiny and slippery, you should replace them immediately.

How do I tell if my golf grips are too small?

If your two middle fingers are digging into the heel part of your palm, then your grips are too small for you. This makes it difficult to get a firm hold on the club, resulting in wild hook shots.

Head up a few paragraphs to my size chart to see which grips are right for you.

How do I clean my golf grips?

You can make your grips last longer by cleaning them after a handful of rounds. Using a mild dishwashing detergent on most grips is often recommended. You can also use a soft abrasive sponge or brush for rubber and cord grips.

After you scrub the grip you should rinse it in warm water until all the soap has gone. Then air dry the grip or wipe it down with a towel.

Final Thoughts

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

If playing golf with sweaty hands has been an issue for you, I hope that this list has helped you consider fitting new and better suited grips.

You can carefully assess the features that we have discussed and choose those that are right for you. Don’t let these replaceable golf club components ruin your game. Make it a habit to always play with fresh golf grips that wick away moisture and you will notice a definite improvement all round.

To read more around this topic, I have done a post about the best golf glove for sweaty hands which you may find interesting too.

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