The Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

best golf shoes for wide feet

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April 17, 2021

As important as they are to make golf a comfortable and enjoyable experience, finding the most suitable and best golf shoes for wide feet can be a difficult task.

When shoes are too narrow, especially where the material lacks flexibility, they will start to hurt during your round. In severe cases, having ill fitted shoes might even cause other problems such as bunions and blisters.

But don’t worry, I have spent a lot of time reviewing golf shoes and today I’m sharing what I believe are the five best golf shoes for wide feet; two for men, two for women, and one with variants for both.

I am going to share the most important factors I have used to narrow down my search, then we will go through some of the most frequently asked questions often asked about golf shoes before I then share which shoe I feel is the best to help you on your search.

How to Find the Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Before we start, I want to share the criteria and key factors that I used when shortlisting the best shoes for wide feet. By focusing on these, you will not only be able to get most comfortable shoe, but also ones that provide better traction and lateral stability to help during your swing. If you don’t take these key factors into account, then you risk discomfort and injury.

I have divided this section into six parts, with the first five being particular features and their importance as well as variations, while the last part considers some additional points.

The Upper

This is the top part of the shoe that includes everything above the sole. Getting this right will not only ensure comfort and flexibility of your shoes, it will also affect the cost.

For golf shoes, the uppers are either synthetic or made up of leather, both having their benefits as well as drawbacks. Synthetic ones, for instance, are better if you want lighter shoes or ones that have better breathability. Similarly, these are usually cheaper options and are more flexible. Leather shoes, on the other hand, are better at waterproofing and weather resistance, adding stability on wet grounds and improving the shoes’ durability. These are easier to clean and, with the heaviness, can provide better stability.

Once you have decided on the material, you should consider some other aspects too such as lining to help with the water-proofing, or a mesh texture for better breathability. However, as a rule of the thumb, the better the breathability of the shoes, the worse water-proofing it has, and vice versa. Therefore, you will have to set your priorities.


The outsole is not a particularly important consideration for wide feet but choosing the right one will help with the overall comfort. For this, the very first thing to check is if the outsole has cleats, also known as spikes. While the cleats do help provide stability and grip, if the quality of manufacturer is poor then, as a result of wear and tear, you may start to feel them as you walk which could cause distraction and discomfort.

Shoes with 360 degrees of angular traction will provide great grip and stability, which are important to help you play better. This, plus them having a rather rough texture, will make sure that the shoes not only provide better traction on even wet ground but are also more flexible and shock-absorbent.

Other than that, you should also consider the weight and durability of the soles. I would suggest TPU soles as they aren’t too heavy and are highly durable as well.


The insole will not only help you with the comfort but also the overall stability and the odor. Make sure it offers enough width to fit your feet, but they also have enough space in length too.

You want to also be checking the cushioning and make sure it is neither too soft nor too hard. Instead, I would suggest it offers mildly soft cushion characteristics but has a stiff structure, as this won’t negatively affect the comfort and it will also provide better stability. In addition to that, check whether it will be easier to break in or not because, if not, you will have to spend time stretching them to fit you well.

Furthermore, I would recommend shoes that have an antimicrobial as well as a moisture-wicking insole in order to prevent bad odor. If you are not sure still, an Ortholite insole would be a good choice as these provide softness without compromising on the stability and the performance just improves with time.


As insignificant as it might seem, this should be among your very first considerations. For this you have three major options; Traditional Lacing, Velcro Straps, and BOA.

The first, traditional lacing, is better if you want a more personalized feeling with a plush fit. These will stay usable for a long time if tied correctly, but could tend to tear and fray if there’s a lot of movement. Then again, these are the easiest to replace of the three.

The Velcro Straps, on the other hand, are the least effective option on the market. This is because they tend to lose their effectiveness when dirt collects within the plastic teeth and replacing them isn’t as easy. However, the straps do not fray and can be kept clean with some additional care.

Lastly, BOA, as you might know, is the newest concept of all. These are a fabulous choice as they help with quick wearing and taking off of the shoes and also tend to last longer than any other choices. (For more information on these, pop down to the FAQs section!)

Keeping all these points in mind, I would highly recommend either BOA-laced shoes or ones with traditional lacing.

The Fitting

Having wide feet, the fit is understandably where your main concern will be. Even though the precise fitting will vary from person to person, I do have tips to ease the process a bit.

For one, you should make sure that the shoes have a big toe box and the distance between the toe and the end of the shoe is half an inch. As well as that, make sure there’s enough flexibility  and room should the feet swell up under warm conditions.

However, having excessive areas will mean that the feet stay loose, making you more vulnerable to blisters. For this reason, I would recommend shoes that have reasonable space, but also removable features like insoles, to allow some room for change.

Some Other Important Considerations

Whilst all the above features will help either improve grip or improve comfort, I just wanted to mention some other factors you could consider.

Firstly, check if the shoes provide additional features that can help with water-resistance, shock-absorbance, breathability, or dirt-resistance, etc. Through these, you’ll find the cleaning process easier, more comfort and better breathability to make sure that the shoes don’t smell.

Rotational support and added stability would also be a plus. And you should also consider the brand, buying from only the reliable ones as they will try hard to make you satisfied enough with top-end features at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, even though this is up to you, I would also recommend buying shoes that are easier to clean, and, for this, consider not only the material but also the shape.

Lastly, durability should have a part to play in the decision and so should their wearability. Meaning, while some are just to play golf, others can be used for some casual occasions too.

The Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Product Reviews

Out of all the options I considered, I’ve listed 5 of the best golf shoes for wide feet but I have also divided them into three sections; shoes for men, shoes for women’s shoes and then shoes suitable for both.

The prices vary from around $85 (£65 approx.) to $379 (£340 approx.) and have all been measured against the criteria I shared above. I also made sure that there was a fair and equal variation of features such as spike, 360 traction as well as BOA technology and laces.

So, let’s get buying!

Callaway Men’s Coronado Golf Shoe

Starting off, this first pair is particularly recommended for people who prefer bulky, traditional shoes without compromising on comfort.

The shoes are 100% synthetic, hence ensuring the light-weight bulky build, while the Optic-Soft EVA Midsole is created in a way to provide optimal comfort through the soft yet natural feel. Furthermore, for each of the sizes, the shoes have a wide variant, making them desirable for people with wide feet.

Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoe - best golf shoe for wide feet
For the outsole of the shoes, it is made up of TPU Fusion-Lite, which adds to the support further while also improving traction and stability. The traction is magnified further by the 9 cleats that also add to the control. In addition to that, the Opti-Vent material prevents the shoes from heating up and allows great breathability through the mesh liner. The Opti-Dri Microfiber Leather Upper, meanwhile, provides water-proofing and its flexibility has been built particularly to help with wide feet problems. The sole is made of rubber and the overall design promotes great durability. Each buy is also said to be supporting the Fairways for Warriors non-profit organization and the product also includes a two-year limited waterproof warranty.


  • ✅   Digital camo looks great
  • ✅   Added grip with cleats
  • ✅   Leather upper provides amazing comfort and promotes easy cleaning
  • ✅   Due to the ample padding, you won’t need to ‘break into them’
  • ✅   Support of the Fairways for Warriors non-profit organization



  • X    The spikes aren’t removable

Callaway Men’s Coronado Golf Shoe

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Under Armour Men’s Spieth 4 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

Having been improved from the already splendid Spieth 3, this model is undoubtedly among the best golf shoes there is, if not the best. For one, it has been manufactured by one of the most trusted brands, hence ensuring quality.

Other than that, the shoes, with their 3D molded quarter panel and well-built shaft, provide great support for even the widest feet. Sizing also varies greatly, providing one for even the widest feet, while the Dual Durometer EVA footbed helps provide support and comfort. It is also low, considering the cleats, and, with the help of the amazing vertical ground force it provides, the pair can gain around 10 yards over most other shoes.

Under Armour Men's Spieth 4 Gore-tex Golf Shoe - Best golf shoe for wide feet
In addition, the Clarino Microfiber Upper adds breathability and style while also improving the already-considerable waterproofing with some advanced technology. The synthetic build, additionally, makes it rather lightweight and the little updates from the previous model, including the toning down of the extensive padding, have resulted in it being a near flawless shoe. Therefore, the shoes, with a strong and stable base, helps with proper control over striking and dispersing of the energy, improving the performance immensely.


  • ✅   The Dual Durometer EVA footbed provides amazing softness
  • ✅   Surprisingly low, considering it is cleated
  • ✅   The Clarino Microfibre Upper adds to style and breathability
  • ✅   The extensive padding from the last model has been toned down


  • X    Only one color available

Under Armour Men’s Spieth 4 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

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Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe

Available in over twenty color combinations, these shoes are a fitting choice if you prefer stylish golf shoes which are surprisingly cheap. These shoes, however, are not known for just that but are among the best shoes because of the ultralight cushioning and a spikeless outsole. Both of these, working together, provide the highest levels of comfort which, in turn, improve your performance and raise your confidence.

Skechers Women's Max Golf Shoe - one of the best golf shoes for wide feet

In addition to that, these shoes, with a wide range of sizes and flexible materials, are among the best picks for wide-footed people. They also provide a spectacular mix of textile and synthetic with a well-employed rubber sole. For its GOGA Max insole, it helps deliver enhanced high-rebound cushioning for added comfort and high shock-absorbance, while the surprisingly durable TPU outsole just adds to its appeal too.

Other than that, the synthetic upper provides some waterproofing without compromising on breathability. And, the ultra-lightweight model, with Ultra Flight Cushioning, is highly responsive, making golfing even enjoyable. The pair’s Agion technology also wicks away moisture and inhibits odor and Wide Fit choices are also available. It, lastly, has a low heel type and a lace-up closure, adding to the personalization.


  • ✅     The cheapest option on the list
  • ✅     A myriad of color combination choices
  • ✅     GOGA Max insole is exceptionally comfortable
  • ✅     TPU outsole improves its durability further
  • ✅     The synthetic upper is highly breathable
  • ✅     Agion technology wicks away moisture and prevents bad odor


  • X    Waterproof features may not be as good as other brands

Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe

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ECCO Women’s Cage Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

Available in three different colors, the brand of these next shoes is aimed particularly at saving the environment, and, therefore, even makes its own leather. However, at the same time, it doesn’t compromise at all on producing world-class leather products, and these shoes, with the comfortable and performance-enhancing design, are not an exception.

ECCO Women's Cage Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe - one of the best golf shoes for wide feet
So, these shoes don’t only feature a soft and flexible finish but also a removable textile inlay sole, both of which help with wide feet by providing extra width. Lyra, combined with the GORE-TEX Technology, helps make the shoes highly breathable with remarkable waterproofing too. Furthermore, these shoes are said to be highly stable with ECCO FLUID FORM Technology while the cushioning and rebound from the P.U midsole also add to this. So does the one-piece, direct-injected stability cage. The innovative ECCO SPYDR-GRIP outsole, similarly, uses its pivot points to extensively improve the grip, traction, and even comfort. The sole of the shoes is synthetic and these also boast a stylish look with a lace-up closure of added personalization. The shoes, lastly, provide protection against other exterior elements and I haven’t, by far, come across any negatives for these, making them the ideal choice.


  • ✅     The brand is aimed at protecting the environment
  • ✅     Lyra and GORE-TEX Technology make it breathable yet waterproof
  • ✅     ECCO FLUID FORM Technology and P.U midsole make it stable
  • ✅     ECCO SPYDR-GRIP outsole adds to the grip, traction, and comfort


  • X    None that we could find!

ECCO Women’s Cage Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

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ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

In case you want shoes with variants for both, men and women, in order to practice twinning with your sibling or friend, give these a try. So, created by ECCO, these shoes are made of leather, with a quality that is unparalleled by any others. It, other than adding to the style, also makes the shoes even comfortable with stretchability, while, for waterproofing, these shoes feature the latest GORE-TEX technology that works extremely well without compromising on breathability.

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe - one of the best golf shoes for wide feet

They, moreover, work impressively well in nearly all weather conditions while the Ortholite inlay sole makes it even comfortable. And, this, with the removable parts, also allows extra room for wide feet. Moving on, the YAK leather upper is extremely lightweight yet durable and the ECCO Tri-Fi-grip technology is divided into three zones to help with not just stability but also durability and rotational support.

You’ll also be glad to know that these shoes have been made in a way as to allow you to wear them on-course as well as off-course, and with ease. Lastly, the shoes have a rubber sole, hence making them easy to clean and there are twelve color combinations available for men and just as many for women too.


  • ✅     It features an impressive grip, thanks to the ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip technology
  • ✅     The Ortholite inlay sole makes it comfortable and its removability is good for people with wide feet
  • ✅     The YAK leather upper is strong and lightweight
  • ✅     The GORE-TEX Technology keeps it waterproof yet breathable


  • X    Can feel a bit too stiff at first

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we close, I just wanted to share some of the most common questions I stumbled across during my research and provide some final pieces of advice. This section won’t just help those looking for the best golf shoe for wide feet, but anyone wanting to learn a little more about golf shoes in general.

Are Golf Shoes Necessary?

The short answer is, yes.

For one, they are built with Golf in mind so they will feel more comfortable. Furthermore, they will also add stability as well as increased traction, which are important to help you hit a more consistent strike.

More importantly, many golf courses do require golf shoes to be worn as mandatory. If you don’t own a pair of golf shoes yet, then I would suggest you contact the course you are looking to visit and check if they must be worn.

Do I Need Spikes on My Golf Shoes?

No, because while all traditional golf shoes had spikes the modern ones often don’t.

For cleats, also known as spikes, while they do add traction and also increase stability, these tend to make the shoes a bit uncomfortable if they start to weaken due to general wear and tear. The cleats also tend to help add power and control while also adding grip on wet grounds.

However, almost all these benefits are now also offered in spineless shoes. Therefore, I would suggest that you read the customer reviews of shoes that have newer technology so you can make a better choice for your personal circumstance.

What are BOA Golf Shoes?

The BOA Fit System is one of the newer technologies brought in to replace traditional lacing. These, unlike lacing, are made up of stainless steel, and, therefore, are the much more durable.

They use a micro-adjustable dial, low friction lace guides, and super-strong and lightweight laces to make lacing rather impressive.

In order to tie these up tightly, you simply have to pull it up to release the laces and turn the dial till it fits well before pushing it back down. And, to take these off, you just have to turn it the other way. Thus, as you might’ve guessed, it has made the task of lacing up shoes a lot easier and a lot quicker.

How to Clean Golf Shoes?

Considering how much golf shoes cost, you will want to retain their remarkable out-of-the-box look for a long time. With the variety of materials used within a golf shoe, I have included this quick guide to help depending on what part of the show you want to clean.

Leather Shoes

I would suggest that, after every game, use a toothbrush and gently remove the dirt thoroughly. Using water and soap mixture, wipe the shoes before drying them at room temperature.

Then, occasionally, I would recommend you clean them with leather cream and conditioner, like Bickmore’s Leather Conditioner, to maintain the texture but also prolong the life of the leather and prevent cracking.

Synthetic Shoes

For synthetic golf shoes, I would suggest that you buy a shoe cleaning kit, like the GEAR AID Revivex Shoe Care Kit, that includes a shoe cleaner and a shoe shield spray. Once you have it, begin by applying the shoe cleaner spray to the sole and scrubbing it gently with water.

Next, clean it off with a towel and follow the same procedure on the top and sides, till all the dirt and stains have been removed. After this, clean the inside of the shoes and remove any odors with the deodorizer spray.

Lastly, spray the shoe shield spray to the outside and let it dry for a few hours at room temperature. All this will, in turn, help make sure that the shoes don’t smell bad or look as such too.

Suede Golf Shoes

For suede golf shoes, you should, first, submerge them in a solution of water and suede shoe cleaner. Now, gently brush them with a suede brush before cleaning them with a towel and letting them dry at room temperature.

Wet Shoes

In case your shoes get wet, I would suggest that you clean them immediately after the game. Start the process by placing newspapers inside the shoes and letting them absorb the excess water for a couple of hours.

Once this has been done, remove the newspaper and place it in some Cedar Shoe Trees which will help bring the upper in shape. Keep these there till all the water has been absorbed and end off by giving the shoes a nice wipe.

Overall Summary & Conclusion

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

I hope this article has helped you understand what you now need to look for when finding a golf shoe that’s suitable for wide feet.

My recommendation for female golfers is the ECCO Women’s Cage Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe, as these are the leading choice in all aspects and are known to have no cons whatsoever.

For men, on the other hand, the Under Armour Men’s Spieth 4 Gore-tex Golf Shoe is a fabulous choice. These have not only been a result of extensive testing but have been perfected with all the basic features and a ton of additional ones to help not just with wide feet but also performance and enjoyability.

If you choose to buy online, then do remember that if you wear these shoes outside you will not be able to return them. It is, therefore, extremely important to wear your new shoes around the house for a reasonable amount of time to help you decide if they are going to remain comfortable when walking for the best part of 4 hours time and time again.

Best of luck, and happy golfing!

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