The Best Nike Golf Balls for High Handicappers

The Best Nike Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Written by Mark

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February 23, 2021

“Oh my goodness, in your life have you seen anything like that!” 

That was the commentary from the 2005 Masters, as Tiger Woods chipped his golf ball on the 16th. It rolled down the hill and stopped on the edge of the lip, the Nike Swoosh sitting proudly for all the cameras to see. It was a marketing dream. A few seconds later and the Nike logo toppled into the hole, fans erupted as Tiger fist pumped in his legendary red.

But whatever happened to those major winning golf balls. Tiger Woods, Rory McIIroy and Stewart Cink have won the greatest tournaments in the world using the Nike golf ball. Nike were a big hitter on tour, signing Tiger Woods on a 5-year deal that was reportedly worth $100m.

Fast forward a few years and in 2016, Nike ceased to make any golf balls and stopped most of their other lines. Fortunately, though, you can still by some of their legendary equipment, including Nike golf balls. Nike have a number of golf balls targeted for low handicap players, but today in particular we are focussing on what’s the best Nike golf balls for high handicappers.

    The Best Nike Golf Balls for High Handicappers

    1. Nike PD Long

    When we discuss distance golf balls, they typically have an ionomer cover which is firmer and produces greater distance. The PD Long is no different, however this cover is slightly softer than competitors like the Srixon Distance. The result is the same penetrating flight and longer drives, yet some softness and feedback around the green.

    Although there are softer balls out there, so do not be fooled into thinking this is a Callaway Supersoft. This is an outright distance golf ball and is designed to achieve maximum flight.

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    The PD Long achieves this through a large core that is structured to come off the face hot with low spin. The benefit to high handicappers is that an off-centre hit will still generate speed off the face compared to competing golf balls. Therefore, you could call the Nike PD Long a ball for distance and forgiveness.

    Keeping the forgiveness theme, the dimple design is purposely made to cut through the air and allow air to pass through quickly. Therefore, this is a low spinning golf ball. A further benefit to high handicappers is if you slice this golf ball it won’t create the spin necessary to slice as far as any other 2-piece golf ball would.


    • ✅   A low spinning golf ball keeps the golf ball straighter.
    • ✅   The core design gives optimum distance.
    • ✅   Dimples reduce drag, designed for a more penetrating ball flight.


    • X    Difficult to create spin around the greens.
    • X    The ball makes a click like sound, which golfers may dislike.

    Nike PD Long Golf Balls

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    2. Nike PD Ladies

    The Nike PD Ladies ball has some of the same technology used in the PD Long, however this ball is aimed for mid to high handicap lady golfers. Nike achieve this by having a much lower compressed golf ball. What this means is a slower swing speed can still squash the core of the golf ball enough to get that spring into the air.

    Think of a snooker ball and then a ping pong ball. If you push your finger down on the back of a ping bong ball it squashes and springs up into the air. A snooker ball on the other hand will not because it’s much harder compressed.

    Nike PD Ladies - One of the best Nike Golf Balls for High Handicappers
    The benefit for lady golfers is that you can still generate a good flight on the golf ball. Particularly if you have a slower swing speed. The lower compression rate of the ball means it will still spring into the air under less force.

    Alongside this the PD ladies share the benefit of the PD long in the dimples design. The PD Ladies has 314 dimples, designed to reduce spin, and give player optimum total distance (flight + roll).

    However, where this ball differs is around the greens. Due to the lower compression, this ball will be softer in feel and generate more spin that the PD Long. The benefit to golfers is much better ability to stop the ball on the green when chipping and pitching.


    • ✅   Lower compressed golf ball benefits slower swing speeds with optimum ball flight.
    • ✅   Good feel around the greens.


    • X    Not suitable for all lady golfers, faster swing speeds should stay clear regardless of handicap.

    Nike PD Ladies Golf Balls

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    3. Nike Crush

    The Nike Crush shows off some of the PD Long technology but takes it to the next level. This ball is a rival for a Callaway Supersoft or a Titleist Velocity and I will tell you why.

    Firstly, the core structure and design of the ball has many elements of that of the PD Long. This is a distance balls, that is hot off the clubface, due to the large core. Again, the dimple design mirrors the PD Long in its ability to reduce drag through the air and allow air to pass by with ease. The benefit is increased distance for high handicap golfers who have a mid/ faster swing speed.

    Nike crush golf balls - one of the best nike golf balls for high handicappers
    The ball falls into the low spin category. The benefit for golfers is a reduction is slice spin, if this is something you struggle with.

    Also, the total distance the golf ball produces increases. If there is less spin on the ball, then it will roll further down the fairway.

    Where the Nike Crush sets itself aside is around the green. The feedback from the PD long is that it is hard, it makes a clicky sound around the green. Feel is surrendered for added distance.

    With the Crush, the cover is created thinner than competitors. The benefit for golfers is better feedback with chipping and putting because the ball will feel softer on impact. It will also create a little more spin with pitching and chipping, given you added stopping power around the greens.


    • ✅     A hybrid, this ball gives you the distance benefits with added feel around the green.
    • ✅     Low spin off the tee and added spin around the greens.


    • X    More expensive than other Nike balls.

    Nike Crush Golf Balls

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Best Nike Golf Balls for High Handicappers

    Whilst shortlisting the best Nike golf balls for high handicappers, I found a lot of Nike related questions being asked by other golfers that share the same interests.

    So, I felt it would be useful to bring all those questions together and provide the answers so you have everything you need to make the right decision for your game.

    When did Nike stop making golf balls?

    Nike started manufacturing golf balls in 2002, they stopped their lines in 2016. Fortunately, many of their golf balls are still available to buy today.

    Also, you can today buy the RZN TOUR golf ball online. These golf balls are still being manufactured. They look and feel just like the NIKE RZN golf ball of old.

    In fact, the RZN TOUR is the same ball. RZN worked with Nike since 2011 to create a 3-piece RZN ball which was used by many tour professionals. The golf ball has 50 wins on the PGA Tour. Now, this ball is definitely suited to a low handicap player, but who knows what RZN will do in the future with other ex-Nike golf balls.

    Who made Nike golf balls?

    There is always speculation in the news about who makes Nike golf balls. We know that they partnered with RZN to develop their tour preferred range of golf balls.

    It was also confirmed by Tiger Woods that his Nike golf ball was manufactured by Bridgestone, and he used this ball for almost 18 years.

    What is the best Nike golf ball for distance?

    The best golf ball for distance is the PD Long, the core structure has been manufactured to transfer energy quickly and get the ball flying in a penetrative flight. The dimple design further reduces spin which means the air passes through the ball quickly and it will role out along the fairway.

    Which is the best Nike golf ball for a slow swing speed?

    Out of the three above it would have to be the PD Ladies. The marketing team will push lady golfers towards this golf ball. That is due to the low compression rate, the ball springs up in the air easier than the PD Long and Crush.

    Although, if you are a high- handicapper or a new golfer to the game please consider this golf ball. It will feel more like a 3-piece ball than the PD long and Crush and will get airborne with a little more ease.

    Overall Summary & Conclusion

    Best Nike Golf Balls for High Handicappers

    I hope you enjoyed reading about the Nike golf balls, and maybe learnt something about the history and future of the technology! In summary, the PD Long will certainly help you gain the most distance. The Crush is built with the same premise but will give you better feel around the greens.

    The PD Ladies is the perfect golf ball for slower swing speeds and ticks all the boxes for high handicap golfers or ladies knew into the game. However, if you aren’t a lady but don’t want to use a lady’s ball, I dare you. Go out for a cheeky 9 holes one evening and give them a go. You will be surprised!

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