The Best Putter for Beginners

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Written by Kirsty

After graduating from college, I turned professional and played on both the LPGA and Symetra Tours for three years. Since 2019, I now coach full time and write for a handful of online sites.

March 3, 2021

If you are reading this article odds are you are looking to find the best putter for beginners or the best putter for high handicappers, am I right? Well hand tight, because I’m going to share 7 putters that offer the help and support you need with a modest price point.

Golf is a very tricky sport to grasp at first and finding the correct equipment is half the battle for beginners. When it comes to putters, in particular, many golfers start with either a used putter or one that is part of a beginner set. Not all putters are created equal, a high-quality putter can make a massive difference in your putting performance as a beginner.

To help us find the best putter for beginners, we’re going to also take a closer look at the technical factors that need to be considered when buying a new putter and cover off some of the most pressing questions often asked.

By the end, you will be equipped with everything you need to know when it comes to shopping for a putter and that initial goal of making fewer than 36 putts per round will be well in your grasp.

The Best Putter for Beginners

With so many putter options available finding the perfect putter is easier said than done. Below I am going to review 7 of the best putters for beginners currently available on the market.

Beginners tend to struggle with alignment when it comes to putting. When reviewing these putters I will pay particular attention to alignment aids, and easy to align putter is a must for all golfers but it is especially true for beginners.

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter

Odyssey is one of the most recognizable putter brands in golf and their Rossie putter is one of their most successful putters of all time. The new and improved White Hot Pro 2.0 black Rossie putter is one of the best putters for beginners currently available on the market.

The new and improved Rossie features a simplistic mallet putter head with heel-toe weight placement which ensures maximum forgiveness and feel on strikes across the face.

The Rossie features Odyssey’s legendary White Hot insert, this re-engineered insert with a laser milled finish ensures exceptional feel and forgiveness at impact for optimal distance control.

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter  - one of the best putter for beginners

The contrasting white alignment aids on the top of the putter head stands out on the black finish of the Rossie ensuring easy alignment which is vital for beginners. The high-quality Rossie putter has stood the test of time and the new look Rossie will be an investment for any golfer.


  • ✅   High-quality durable design.
  • ✅   Heel-toe weighted putter head for maximum forgiveness.
  • ✅   Contrasting alignment system.


  • X    Limited technology for the price tag.

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter

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Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Ten

The Triple Track Ten putter by Odyssey is an ultra-high MOI face balanced putter. This putter is jam-packed with technology and it will make a great addition to the bag of any beginner with a natural putting stroke that has limited arc.

The eye-catching alignment system is one of this putter’s main features. The easy to use alignment system on top of the putter head features 3 lines on a white insert that resembles a track. Beginners that struggle with alignment will benefit greatly from this alignment system.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Ten - one of the best putters for beginners

The Triple Track Ten features an innovative lightweight shaft, this lightweight shaft allows for weight to be redistributed into the putter head and the top of the shaft which optimizes the balance of this putter. Optimal balance ensures exceptional stability and consistency throughout the stroke.

The Microhinge Star insert of the Triple Track Ten putter is a new innovation from Odyssey. This face insert has a relatively firm feel at impact and it ensures optimal roll on every putt.


  • ✅   Player-friendly Triple Track alignment system.
  • ✅   High MOI for consistency and maximum forgiveness.
  • ✅   Optimal perimeter weighting for maximum stability.


  • X    Above average price tag.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Ten

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TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

The Spider putter is TaylorMade’s best selling putter of all time. The new-look Spider X putter features the same look and groundbreaking performance of the original Spider with a few added extras.

The Spider X is one of the most forgiving putters currently available on the market. The heavy steel frame of the Spider X features a light carbon composite sole which ensures that weight is optimized in the perimeter of this mallet putter head. This optimization of weight ensures maximum stability even on off-centre strikes which is one of the main reasons why this putter is so popular and also why it is such a great option for beginners. 

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter - one of the best putters for beginners

The Spider X is available in a copper and blue finish. Both finishes feature TaylorMade’s new True Path alignment system. This alignment system on top of the Spider X is visually engineered to allow the player to visualize their intended target line at address. Beginners tend to struggle with alignment and this technology gives players the best chance to aim with precision when putting.

The Spider X also features the brand’s signature pure roll insert. This insert with its 45-degree grooves increases topspin which ensures a true roll on every putt.


  • ✅    Also the #1 putter on the PGA tour.
  • ✅     Optimized perimeter weighting for maximum stability.
  • ✅     Easy to aim alignment system.
  • ✅     Promotes forgiveness on off-centre hits.


  • X    Painted finish may show signs of wear and tear.

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

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TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Ardmore Putter 3

The TP Patina Ardmore 3 putter by TaylorMade is one of the best toe balanced mallet putters that money can buy. If you are a beginner with a significant arc in your putting stroke look no further than this high-quality putter by one of the world’s leading golf equipment manufacturers.

The finish of the Ardmore 3 putter is a mix between black nickel and copper, this simple yet appealing finish looks great at address and it is also very durable and will show limited wear and tear over time from bumps and scratches.

The single black sightline on the top of the putter in conjunction with the claw shape of the putter head does offer ample assistance in terms of alignment but it doesn’t offer the same assistance in terms of alignment when compared to the Spider X.

TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Ardmore Putter 3 - one of the best putters for beginners

The Ardmore 3 features 2 adjustable weights in the sole of the putter head. Also, this putter comes standard with an oversized counterbalance grip. Players can change both the weight of the putter head and the grip which allows for counterbalancing to be optimised based on the feel preference of the player. Beginners shouldn’t be too concerned about this but it does ensure that options are available in future to adjust the putter to match improvements in their putting stroke.


  • ✅     Toe balanced for arching putting strokes.
  • ✅    Durable head design and finish .
  • ✅     Adjustable weighting system.


  • X    Limited assistance in terms of alignment

    TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Ardmore Putter 3

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    Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter – The Bean

    The Infinite Bean putter by Wilson features all of the technology that one can expect from one of the best putters in the world at a fraction of the prize when compared to industry leaders Odyssey and Scotty Cameron.

    The Bean putter features with its double milled face promote great feel at impact, exceptional distance control and a smooth roll, all of which are vital for beginners.

    This budget-friendly mallet putter offers ample assistance in terms of alignment. The parallel and perpendicular white sightlines on top of the putter head make this putter very easy to align. Furthermore, the black anti-glare finish of the Bean accentuates the white sightlines which also contributes to easy alignment.

    Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter The Bean - one of the best putters for beginners

    The counterbalanced design of the Bean putter ensures maximum stability throughout the stroke which in return ensures a smooth putting stroke. The Bean is a great putter for beginners for a variety of reasons but don’t take my word for it, the feedback from players on this putter says it all. Customers describe this high-quality affordable putter as “punching above its weight class”, “Best putter I ever owned” and “a lot of golf club for the money”.


    • ✅     Affordable price tag.
    • ✅    Durable putter head design.
    • ✅     High MOI for maximum forgiveness and consistency.


    • X    None we could find.

    Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter – The Bean

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    Pinemeadow Golf PGX

    The PGX putter by Pinemeadow is one of the best, most affordable putters for beginners currently available on the market. This budget-friendly putter features a similar design to that of the Spider X by TaylorMade with the main difference being that it costs a fraction of the price.

    The PGX features a white finish with distinct black lines. The contrasting use of colours allows for the putter head to stand out at address and it also ensures that the alignment system is easy to use to ensure maximum accuracy when aiming. The white finish of this putter head is prone to scratching therefore a putter cover is recommended at all times when not putting.

    Bridgestone e6 SoftWilson Duo Optix - Ranked one of our Best Golf Balls for Seniors

    The PGX features a perimeter weighted head, this positioning of weight in the putter head ensures a solid feel at impact and it also increases the MOI of this putter which in return ensures optimal performance on both good and bad strikes.


    • ✅     Affordable price tag.
    • ✅     Contrasting alignment system for accurate aim.
    • ✅     High MOI for optimal control.


    • X    White finish may be prone to scratches.

    Pinemeadow Golf PGX

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    Cleveland Huntington Beach HB Soft #11

    Cleveland is renowned for its wedge designs but their putter designs can hold their one against the biggest names in the industry. When it comes to good putters for beginners you will have to search far and wide to find a better option than the Huntington Beach Soft #11.

    The HB Soft #11 features an oversized soft 304 steel mallet putter head. The material used in the design of this putter head might be soft but it also offers exceptional feel as well as durability. 

    Cleveland Huntington Beach HB Soft #11 - one of the best putters for beginners

    The face of the HB Soft #11 is precision milled with a unique diamond CNC milling pattern. The pattern of the milling increases friction between the putter face and the golf ball at impact which in return delivers great feel and a pure roll on every putt. Furthermore, the face also features Cleveland’s proprietary Speed Optimized Face technology which normalises ball speed across the putter face ensuring optimal performance on both centre and off-centre strikes.

    The alignment system of this putter is fairly basic, if you are a beginner that struggles with alignment then this putter won’t be your best option, but if feel and durability at an affordable price tag is what you are after then look no further.


    • ✅     Affordable high-quality design.
    • ✅     Durable 304 steel putter head.
    • ✅     Precision milled face technology for maximum consistency.


    • X    Alignment support not as long as other competitors.

    Cleveland Huntington Beach HB Soft #11

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    Extra TIP!
    The Best Putter GRIP for Beginners

    Whilst writing my reviews, I felt it would be helpful if I shared the few ways golfers tend to grip the putter so you can work out which putter grip is best for you and your game.

    Reverse Overlap

    The reverse overlap grip is the most commonly used putter grip by golfers given the fact that it is very similar to a normal overlap or interlocking full swing golf grip. The reverse overlap grip is a very comfortable grip for beginners given it’s similarities to a normal grip.

    There is more to the reverse overlap grip than just comfort, this grip also allows for the hands to work together as a unit during the putting stroke which ensures a smooth stroke and consistent results.

    For beginners that struggle with overactive wrists the reverse overlap grip might not be the best option, the grip allows for the hands to work together as a unit but as soon as the wrists aren’t stable throughout the stroke this grip can cause havoc on the greens especially in terms of speed control.

    Cross Handed

    The cross-handed putting grip, also known as left-hand low for right-handed players, is commonly used by golfers of all skill levels. One of the best putters in the game, Jordan Speith, has used the cross-handed putting grip for many years.

    The left-hand low putting grip does take some getting used to and it might feel weird at first for beginners given that it is the exact opposite of a normal golf grip. But don’t be deterred by this, the left-hand low putting grip has a lot to offer. This grip ensures that the putter head stays close to the ground and that the putter accelerates through the impact zone.

    With the left-hand low putting grip the left-hand pulls the putter face through the impact zone, it is the complete opposite to the claw grip where the right-hand pushes the putter head through the impact zone.


    Mark Calcavecchia and Chris DiMarco were two of the first golfers to experiment with the claw grip. At first, golfers associated the claw with a player that has the yips but fast forward 10 years and the claw grip is now commonly used by golfers of all levels including the world’s best players.

    The claw grip is very easy to grasp for beginners and it limits movement in your wrists during your putting stroke which is vital in ensuring a good solid putting stroke. In addition to limited wrist movement, the positioning of the right hand down the shaft allows for maximum control during the stroke ensuring a square putter face through impact.

    Grip pressure when using the claw grip is vital to ensure that both hands work as a unit during the putting stroke. Beginners need to be wary of this when using this putting grip, if anything majority of the pressure needs to be in your left (right for left-handed players) hand to ensure a smooth stroke. 

    Finding the Best Putter for Beginners

    The Technical Make up of a Putter

    You will notice throughout our search for the best putter for beginners, some complex or technical terms may have been used. To be sure you are ready to make the best next decision for your game, it’s important you know what to look for in a putter and especially one that’s going to help your game right now.

    Putter Head Types


    Blade putters feature a traditional putter head with a sleek minimalistic look. The original Ping Anser putter is the poster child for blade putter head designs and most modern blade putters still resemble the look of the original Anser.

    Modern-day blade putters still have that familiar rectangle look to them but technology has slowly but surely made its way into the design of this putter type. Face inserts, different alignment system options, upgraded putter neck/hosel designs, interchangeable weights, counterbalanced shafts and jumbo grips are now all common features in blade putters.


    The term mallet putter is a fairly broad term that includes a host of different putter types that vary in head size. The Infinite Bean putter by Wilson and the TaylorMade Spider X are both mallet putters but the head size and look of these two putters vary drastically.

    What makes mallet putter heads unique is the design variability that exists as a result of the size of these putter heads. Blade putter heads conform to the same shape but mallet putter heads can take on any shape the designer wants them to take on.

    Perimeter weighting and advanced alignment systems are trademarks of mallet putter heads, this style of putter is ideal for beginners that tend to struggle with alignment, furthermore, perimeter weighting also ensures exceptional stability and control which ensures a smooth rhythmic putting stroke.

    Putter Length

    Putters are available in a variety of different length options. Standard putters mostly vary in length between 33 and 35 inches. With the ban on anchoring long putters became less popular but some golfers still find a way to use long putters without breaking the rules of golf.

    German golfing legend, Bernard Langer still uses his famous long putter on the Champions Tour and oversize putters are very common on the PGA Tour. Bryson Dechambeau, Matt Kuchar and Victor Hovland all use putters that are roughly 40 inches long. With these longer putters, players can brace the shaft against their forearm in the stroke which allows for added stability through impact. There is no right or wrong when it comes to putter length, at the end of the day it all comes down to finding the correct putter length that works best for your putting stroke..

    Toe Hang vs. Face Balanced

    The positioning of the centre of gravity (COG) in a putter design directly impacts the balance of the putter. When the COG is located directly below the axis of the putter shaft the putter is what we call a face-balanced putter. In putters design where this isn’t the case and where the COG is located in a different position, the putter will be classified as a toe balanced putter.

    The term toe hang comes from the method used to determine if a putter is face or toe balanced. Simply balance the putter out in front of you by allowing it to rest on your fingers without holding onto it, if the toe of the putters hangs down towards the ground the putter is toe balanced and if the face points to the sky the putter is face balanced.

    Unsure about how to check the balance of your putter? Watch this video to learn more.

    Putters with toe hang is best suited for players with an arching putter stroke and face-balanced putters is better suited for players with a straight back straight through putting stroke.


    The offset of a putter refers to the placement of the shaft relative to the putter head. Putter offset has a direct impact on a player’s ability to align and square up the putter through impact.

    Majority of putters feature a hosel design that creates offset which means that the player’s hands will be in front of the golf ball in relation to the putter face at address.

    Center shafted putters have no offset, with these putters the player’s hands will be directly in line with the putter face at address unless the player has a forward press.

    Putter Weight

    Putters are available in a variety of weight options. Blade putters tend to be lighter than mallet putters but modern blade designs are available in weight options that range across the spectrum.

    Putter weight does come down to personal preference but for beginners, a heavier putter is the way to go. A heavier putter forces the player to use their shoulders to move the putter head which helps with eliminating overactive wrists and hands during the putting stroke.

    When it comes to putter weight counterbalanced weighting is another factor to consider. Counterbalanced putters feature additional weight towards the top end of the shaft of the putter to balance out heavier putter heads. Counterbalanced putters are renowned for the stability that they offer, if you are going to opt for a heavier putter make sure to consider a counterbalanced putter.

    Grip Size

    Putters grips come in many different shapes and sizes. Super Stroke revolutionized putter grip designs when they introduced oversized putter grips to the market roughly 10 years ago. In addition to size Super Stroke also experimented with different putter grip shapes.

    Many golfers still prefer standard putter grips, standard grips are most commonly used with blade putters or lighter mallet putters. Oversized grips are common with heavier mallet putters and the size of the grip furthermore promotes stability and quiet hands in the stroke which is what mallet putters are known for.

    Jumbo grips don’t necessarily add weight from a grip perspective but they do add surface area. With jumbo putter grips, players can experiment with different unorthodox putting grip techniques as a result of the size of the grip.

    MOI (Moment of Inertia)

    MOI (moment of inertia) refers to how the face of the putter twists at impact on off-centre strikes. For beginners, the technicalities of what MOI is and how MOI is measured doesn’t matter, what does matter is how MOI can help with lowering your average putts per round.

    Putters with a high MOI will ensure maximum performance even on off-centre strikes, this is very beneficial for beginners especially in terms of distance control. In addition to distance control high MOI putters ensure minimal twisting of the putter face at impact, a toe strike might just go in the hole with a high MOI putter whereas with a low MOI putter the twisting of the face can potentially cause the deviation to cause the putt to miss especially on short putts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best putters to buy?

    The market is flooded with a wide variety of putters to choose from. Odyssey is a trusted putter manufacturer that has been around for many years. Odyssey putters offer exceptional value for money and their range of putters range from blades to mallets and everything in between. In addition to style Odyssey putters are also available with a variety of face insert, shaft and grip options.

    TaylorMade continues to impress with their putter designs and their Spider putter has been a fan favourite on professional tours across the world. In addition to the Spider putter, the rest of the TaylorMade putter offering is equally as impressive.

    Can you have 2 putters in your golf bag?

    A golfer is allowed to carry a maximum of 14 golf clubs in their bag. There are no rules that relate to the type of club, only the maximum number. Golfers are free to carry any golf club in their bag including chippers. Chippers are prominently featured in the bag of beginners but many players that struggle with their short games continue to play with a chipper.

    With that said a golfer is allowed to carry 2 putters in their golf bag. This will happen very rarely but if for some reason you feel comfortable with one putter over short putts and better with a different putter over long putts then there is no reason why you can’t carry two putters in your bag.

    What length of putter is right for me?

    When it comes to putter length comfort is arguably the most important factor to consider. Ideally, the perfect putter will allow for a player to let their arms hang freely, if a putter is too long a player will need to bend through their elbows or stand too upright which is not ideal. On the flip side if a putter is too short a player will be forced to bend through their hips which in return could affect the position of their eyes in relation to the ball at address.

    A standard length putter will be ideal for the majority of beginners unless you are either extremely short or extremely tall. As a beginner get comfortable with the basics of putting first before experimenting with putters of different lengths.

    Do expensive putters make a difference?

    When it comes to putters it is important to invest in a high-quality putter. This doesn’t mean that you should buy the most expensive putter on the market but it will benefit to play with a technologically advanced putter. In addition to technology, high-quality putters will also last for many years and a putter is probably the last club in the bag that you would need to replace as a result of age.

    A putter is a long term investment, if you do decide to invest in a top of the range putter take the time to go for professional putter fitting. Through a professional fitting you will be advised on which putter head style is best for you, a fitting will also ensure that you buy a putter that is the correct length, weight, lie angle and that has the best grip for you and your putting stroke.

    Do putters wear out?

    Putters do wear out with time but putters have a much longer shelf life in comparison to woods, irons and wedges. The majority of putters will wear out from an aesthetic point of view but very rarely will a putter wear out to the point where performance is affected. With that being said it also depends on how well a golfer looks after their putter.

    Always make sure to use a putter cover at all times, this will limit scratches and chips. If your putter has interchangeable weights or with mallet putters make sure that grass and mud don’t get lodged in between cavities or other areas.

    In most cases, golfers will change putters as a result of changes to their putting stroke or as a result of wanting a new putter and not because of wear and tear from overuse.

    Should I use an offset putter?

    The answer to this question will differ from one golfer to the next but for the majority of beginners, a putter with offset will be the best option. With an offset putter, your hands will start slightly in front of the golf ball at address which is the ideal address position for putting. As soon as your hands fall behind the putter face through the stroke the putter face will be closed at impact which in return will result in pulled putts.

    Furthermore, centre shafted putters are commonly used by golfers of all skill levels, but this type of putter isn’t ideal for players with wristy putting strokes which is why most beginners should steer clear and opt for an offset putter instead.

    Overall Summary & Conclusion

    The Best Putter for Beginners

    Hopefully, this article has helped answer all the questions you could possibly have when it comes to finding the best putter for beginners and, more importantly, the best putter for your game right now.

    Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter, The Bean - one of the best putters for beginnersIn my opinion, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Wilson Staff Infinite Bean Putter.

    We spoke about it’s great price point, which is important at the beginner stage as putters can get quite expensive. We also talked about the great feel it provides outstanding distance control – both important factors for beginners and high handicappers. It has a very strong and prominent alignment aid, helping you to point a lot closer to target.

    For me, the Wilson Infinite Bean Putter is the best putter for beginners and with its affordable price point you can’t go wrong giving this a try.

    I hope this has been helpful, and thank you for reading.

    Happy golfing!


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