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February 24, 2021

Have you ever been to a par three course and seen unusually bags that are a quarter of the size of a normal bag? Well, those bags are called Sunday golf bags, and today I will be helping you find the best Sunday golf bag for your game and priorities.

They are designed to help people in a rush or for simple par three courses. After using these bags a handful of times I have grown a liking to them and would like to share some knowledge with you about the bags.

Today I will lay out the best products in the industry, exactly how these bags work, and some frequently asked questions that you may still have at the end. After this article I bet you will want to try it too!

Best Sunday Golf Bag

In this section I will lay out the six different Sunday golf bags that I personally like best.

Each one has its own unique features, so I will make sure to compare one another for you from time to time.

To keep it short and sweet you could also skip ahead to the pros and cons of each bag!


Titleist Carry

For starters this bag is extra light as it weighs a startling 2.1 pounds, with nothing additional in it. It’s a quality bag, not the cheapest at $100 (or, £98), but like everything with Titleist you are getting a more premium product.

It still contains a classic double back strap just like a normal golf bag does, which makes it just as easy to carry, without any extra annoyance. Some Sunday golf bags do only contain a single strap, so watch out for those ones because they can be unsteady.

Titleist Carry Bag - One of the best Sunday Golf Bag

Also, this bag is one of the few options that lets you choose between multiple different colors. From the classic Titleist red and back, they also include options such as navy blue, charcoal grey, or forest green. There are colors for all kinds of people!

Especially with a name brand like Titleist you know you can count on this company to produce a high quality golf bag for you. In addition to the high quality they do their best to keep it feeling like a true golf bag, but lighter!


  • ✅   2.1 lbs / 0.95 Kg
  • ✅   Ultra-lightweight design.
  • ✅   Has normal double carry strap for extra stability.
  • ✅   Premium heathered material.
  • ✅   Available in multiple colours.


  • X    Not often found in stores.
  • X    Only three pockets.

Titleist Carry Bag

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Ranger Carry Sunday Golf Bag

To begin this bag is already heavier than the Titleist carry at 3.5 pounds, and there are not as many colors either. The extra weight is due to a hard plastic bottom, which does trade off weight for durability. So in the end this weight does balance out.

There is only one strap on this bag, meaning that you simply carry it over your shoulder. You can either carry the bag like a quiver full of arrows or throw it over your shoulder like a suitcase or laptop bag. Either way it is not something that I particularly enjoy.

CaddyDaddy Ranger Golf Bag - Best Sunday Golf Bag

Now what this bag does have, that the Titleist Carry does not, is a built in rain cover and shipping ability. Since it has a molded base and it comes with a solid fabric rain cover, those two go hand in hand for flight in the states. This makes the bag perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

Additionally the bag is also cheaper than the Titleist Carry at a price of $60 in the US, and £70 in the UK. Now there are some tradeoffs to be made here, but a lot of it does come down to personal preference. So use your own discretion and pick the right bag for you.


  • ✅   3.5 lbs / 1.5 kg
  • ✅   Padded top protects club heads.
  • ✅   Hard plastic bottom for extra durability.
  • ✅   1 Year full replacement warranty.


  • X    Accommodates 7-9 Clubs.
  • X    Only one shoulder strap.

CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Golf Bag

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Sunday Golf – Carry Bag

Right off the bat, you can tell that this company’s sole focus is designing these Sunday golf bags. That is really the only thing they sell on their website. This dedication to the craft means that your bag is guaranteed to be high quality.

Since this is their sole focus they have also designed the bag to be the most similar to a normal golf bag while shaving off weight left and right. It by far includes the most pockets you will see on a Sunday golf bag.

For the price point of $70 (found on Amazon) it gives you even more color options and they are much more unique too. Not many places can you find a Pink Salmon golf bag, especially not one designed to be extra lightweight either.

Sunday Golf Carry Bag - The best Sunday golf bag

Unfortunately since they are in such high demand, and it is a growing company, you will need to be patient in getting your golf bag. In fact if you try to order one today, you can only pre-order to get it a month from now. So if you are trying to get it as a gift, order ahead.


  • ✅     Only 2 lbs, or 0.90 kg!!
  • ✅     Closest resemblance to standard golf bag, but a fraction of the weight.
  • ✅     Lifetime warranty.
  • ✅     Multitude of colors.
  • ✅     Handcrafted golf bags.


  • X    Not many stockists and may have to wait for stock availability.

Sunday Golf – Carry Bag

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Champkey Lightweight Golf Bag

Sitting at a weight of just under two pounds, this golf bag is one of the lightest bags that money can buy. If you don’t take my word for it simply look at the 525 reviews on Amazon!

Speaking of reviews here is one that I found quite helpful when looking at this product. “Like several of the other reviews here – the upsides are super lightweight, sturdy, bag stand, and pockets. Several of the competitors didn’t have enough pockets.” With even more reviews like that, why not give this bag a try?

This bag also contains five pockets for extra storage, leaving you room to properly store all of your golf balls, tees, or water bottles.

Champkey Lightweight Golf Bag - best Sunday golf bag

With five pockets it out performs the Titleist Carry by a long shot. Five pockets is also a lot if you consider how light the bag is as a whole.

Finally, the bag also comes with a kickstand that uses Advanced Aluminum Alloy brackets. This means the bag will not fold whenever you begin to load it up with your clubs or extra accessories, making the bag light and sturdy at the same time.


  • ✅     Another bag boasting just 2lbs, or 0.90 kg.
  • ✅     Five pockets for plenty of storage.
  • ✅     Well over 500 positive reviews on Amazon.
  • ✅     Advanced Aluminum Alloy Brackets.


  • X    Single shoulder strap and awkward Handle.
  • X    Can Only Carry 6-9 Golf Clubs.

    Champkey Lightweight Golf Bag

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    Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Carry Bag

    Now this is by far the cheapest Sunday Golf Bag you will likely ever find as it costs right around $55 in the US, or £40 in the UK. Of course this does come at a cost of convenience, but we will discuss what this bag cuts out shortly.

    To begin, the bag only has one pocket, which is highly inconvenient to the average golfer. You would most likely want pockets for your golf bags and tees and a drink, at a minimum. With only one pocket it will make you pick and choose what you want to carry.

    It is also strikingly similar to the Champkey lightweight golf bag, minus the pockets of course. It weighs exactly the same, and has the same features to carry the bag, a carry handle or a single shoulder strap. So it is up to you how much pockets and price you want to pay.

    Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Carry Bag - Best Sunday Golf Bag

    Besides that, this bag is really just designed to be something that you carry to the driving range for for a few holes at least. It is not necessarily something you would typically find walking around a typical golf course, which many of the other bags could be transitioned to.


    • ✅     Another weighing in at just 2lbs, or 0.9 Kg
    • ✅     Cheapest Sunday Golf bag on the market.
    • ✅     Just as light as the bag above.


    • X    Only has One Pocket.
    • X    Single shoulder strap.

    Orlimar Pitch & Putt Lightweight Carry Bag

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    Tourbon Canvas

    This bag really caught my eye as being different from the rest for multiple reasons, and I’ve thrown this in as a wildcard. First it is $85 in the states, and £68 in the UK. Second it is extremely minimal, and thirdly it has a lovely tweed material.

    Weighing in at 2lbs and 0.9 kg again, this bag offers one zipper pocket and some small tee peg holders.

    It comes with a single strap and carry handle, but unfortunately it does not have a stand so you would need to leave it laying on the floor whilst you play a shot.

    The material is thick for extra longevity and you are able to carry about 7 clubs if you wish. Customers on Amazon have used the words ‘First Class’ to describe this product, but as you’ll see it will be down to personal taste.

    Tourbon Canvas Golf Bag - Best Sunday Golf Bag


    • ✅     Weighs 2 lbs, or 0.9 kg.
    • ✅     Does not take up any space.
    • ✅     Ease of use, only a zipper pocket.


    • X    Just one pocket.
    • X    No stand.

    Tourbon Canvas Golf Bag

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    Part #2: Finding the Best Sunday Golf Bag

    Important Things to Consider

    I felt it was important to share the key factors I have been looking out for and measuring bags against during my research and testing for this review.

    Remember, like with everything, you have to find the best Sunday golf bag for you and your priorities. There are seven main features that go into this golf bag, they are: weight, strap, stand, pockets, dividers, durability, and versatility and size.

    Let us explore these now.


    As you can see the weight varies slightly with each bag, however it is safe to say that the average bag weighs just around two pounds – and that is what you should be looking for.

    The whole intent of the Sunday golf bags is to keep it as light as possible so you can literally just grab the bag and go. If you find yourself purchasing a Sunday golf bag that weighs more than four pounds at the most, you should reconsider your decision.

    With that in mind the golf bags without anything in them weigh two to three pounds, but once you begin putting equipment in the bags they will weigh slightly more.


    As you read, you may have noticed that most of these bags consist of a single shoulder strap or a handle.

    Now you can either carry it by the handle and take turns with your friends, or use the shoulder strap like a briefcase. Although, if you are just taking this bag to the driving range, it will not matter either way.

    Personally I find these shoulder straps quite annoying and prefer the typical back strap that the Titleist Carry contained.

    I suggest that you try out both options if you can and determine for yourself which style you like best.


    A stand can be very hit or miss with a Sunday golf bag, because naturally a stand adds weight to the bag.

    Without including the final option on our list, the Tourbon Canvas, all other bags included a stand which. When playing a par three or pitch and putt course, a stand is certainly a hot feature.

    It will also help you on the driving range, rather than picking your bag up off the ground each time you would like to change clubs.

    For me a stand is another personal preference that I always like to have amongst my golf bags.


    Now pockets is another big item that I consider to be important amongst these Sunday golf bags. This is because you will most likely not want to keep all of your extra golf equipment in your pockets, especially because they can easily weigh down your pants or simply fill up your pockets.

    I was surprised to see how much the amount of pockets differed from bag to bag, with some having one or none and others having five while remaining just as light.

    Either way it will be your decision at the end of the day to decide whether you pay a few extra dollars for a few extra pockets.


    Dividers is not something I consider to be as big of a deal, but it could vary based on your personal opinions.

    Most of these Sunday golf bags only include one divider, or two at most, however some also had no divider. I do not consider a divider to be important, because when you are only carrying a few clubs there is no real need to split them up into any particular order.

    You simply have your clubs for the day or trip and that is it.


    Now, this is generally an important topic and unfortunately a Sunday golf bag is typically not as durable as a standard bag.

    For one, and due to their lightweight, the golf bags cannot withstand as much wear and tear on the surface. For example my pockets have started ripping on my current standard bag, but since there are so many pockets it is not even a problem.

    With only a few pockets on these bags losing one of them, or maybe all of them in that case, can certainly become quite a big issue.

    Although if you just take care of your equipment properly, it will last you a lifetime.

    Part #3: Frequently Asked Questions Best Sunday Golf Bag

    There were a lot of questions being asked about Sunday golf bags, as people are clearly interested to find the best Sunday golf bag for their game and preferences. Here I’ve listed the questions I found most frequently so you can leave today with everything you need to know to help have a more enjoyable and free-flowing round next time you’re out.

    What is a Sunday Golf Bag?

    If you have not figured it out by now, a Sunday golf bag is a golf bag specifically designed to be lighter and quicker than a typical golf bag. The weight is considerably less, but the amount of clubs that it can carry is less as well (which is what we will be discussing next). These bags are cheaper, skinnier, lighter, and harder to find than a standard bag. They are designed for quick players or people only playing a few holes or sticking to a driving range. They can also be a bag for children who are beginning their golf career.

    How Many Clubs Fit in a Sunday Golf Bag?

    It depends on each bag but on average a Sunday golf bag can hold between six and nine golf clubs. On this list there were some who could only hold two to five comfortably, but on average the six to nine rule holds true. Now the maximum is nine clubs, at least I could not find any number higher than nine personally. This is just to keep the bags lightweight and as small as possible. So to be clear and concise, the answer to the question is six to nine golf clubs.

    What Clubs Should I Carry in a Sunday Golf Bag?

    The answer to this question really depends on how you will be using the bag. If you are taking it to the driving range, then simply take whatever clubs you want to work on. On the other hand if you are taking the bag to the putting green, just take your putter, a few wedges, and maybe a nine iron. If you plan on playing a pitch and putt course bring clubs similar to the putting green, but maybe throw a few more high irons in there since the holes will be further out. It just depends on where you will be taking the bag.

    Are Sunday Golf Bags Suitable for Pitch and Putt Par 3 Courses?

    Yes! The sole design of these bags are really for pitch and putt par three courses. This is often where you will find these bags, and it is the only place where I have seen these bags in fact. I have never seen them in use at a driving range, but as mere rentals from a pitch and putt course. With that being said if you want to buy one to take to the driving range, go for it!

    Overall Summary & Conclusion

    Best Sunday Golf Bag

    After reading this article I hope you feel much more knowledgeable on Sunday golf bags, or maybe you heard of them for the first time.

    When it comes to playing a quick round of golf or walking a pitch and putt course, they really cannot be beat. I would not personally recommend them for standard golf course use as you may want something that can hold more golf clubs, but that is simply my own personal opinion.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and go out and enjoy a Sunday golf bag sometime!

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