How Do Senior Golfers Increase Driving Distance?

Why would you want to increase driving distance? The answer is simple; it makes the game easier. The faster you swing the club, the further you will hit the ball.

As a senior golfer, distance is the first thing you lose, making the game much harder. Being able to hit it further than your peers can give you a significant advantage, and at the end of the day, makes the game much more enjoyable to play.

So, as well as having one of the best golf driver for seniors in your hand, we will now take a look at some other ways seniors can increase their driving distance.


How Do Senior Golfers Increase Driving Distance?


Increasing Your Swing Speed

In theory, increasing your swing speed is very simple, but putting it into practice is more challenging. There is no magic formula; it takes a few tweaks here and there, dedication and patience. 

I have often seen people give up after a few weeks or even days of trying something new. Implementing something new in your swing is hard and takes a lot of time to get right.

Let’s jump into the best ways to increase swing speed.

Improve Your Technique

Swinging the golf club incorrectly can decrease your swing speed tremendously. Think of Ernie Els, he is called ‘The Big Easy’ because he has such a slow and rhythmic swing, but he creates natural speed and swings it faster than most people on tour.

As a senior, you naturally start to swing the club with your arms. This causes you to swing out to in or over the top, and secondly causes you to lose sync with your body, which interferes with your timing.

These things together cause a drastic drop in swing speed and distance.

How do I fix this? Well the first way would be to get a lesson with your local professional, they can guide you in the right direction with regards to your technique, the second way is your flexibility, as you get older you become less flexible, this prevents you from turning correctly and getting into powerful positions, which increase swing speed.

This takes us to our next point.

Increase Your Flexibility

Most professionals these days spend time in the gym. This can range from building muscle, strength training, flexibility to all of the above.

It is a massive part of the modern game, and it shows in their performances. You see older golfers winning and even younger guys too. Going to the gym does not mean lifting weights; you don’t even need to go to the gym to work out.

Becoming more flexible just takes a few minutes a day in your home or before you tee off. Improved flexibility can significantly improve your game and increase your swing speed. Not only will your swing speed increase and your technique, but also you will be less injury-prone. Have a look at Joey D Golf or My TPI, as these are two great platforms to help you become more flexible.

Improve Your Strength

Naturally, the stronger you are, the further you can hit the ball. This obviously comes with its limits, as a bodybuilder won’t hit it as far as a PGA Tour player just because they are stronger. Strength doesn’t necessarily mean size; it means power.

As a senior, building strength is not easy. So this is not a recommended method unless you see a specialist that can help you with your specific needs. 

Optimize Your Numbers

Increasing swing speed does not always guarantee distance. Optimizing your launch numbers can have an even more significant impact.

What do optimizing numbers mean? Optimizing numbers means getting the proper launch conditions for your swing speed; the two main numbers are launch angle and spin. Launching the ball too high or low or spinning the ball too high or low with your driver will affect your distance no matter how fast your swing speed is.

Optimizing your numbers is a sneaky way to increase distance without swinging faster. Our advice is to go for a fitting with your driver. The fitter will be able to identify if your launch numbers are correct, and if they aren’t, they can suggest ways to improve it.

Have a look at the table below. It indicates your ideal launch and spin rate with regard to your swing speed.



Swing Speed

Distance (y)

Spin (rpm)


50-60 age





60-70 age





70-80 age






Use The Right Technology

The latest technology can increase your swing speed. The latest technology has better aerodynamics and lighter materials.

Lighter shafts will increase swing speed; having too heavy shafts for you will slow your swing speed down. Going to a more lightweight shaft will be easier to hit and improve your swing speed. We recommended anything below 55 grams for a senior golfer.


Next Article

We’ll now take a deeper look into whether a senior shaft will give you more distance, or not. You will see, from the article, that it very much depends on your ball flight and swing speed rather than your age. Many have found it an interesting read, so head over and take a look. 


Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

January 15, 2022

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