How Far Can a Women Hit a Golf Ball?

When I looked at the best golf balls for women I shared that the average swing speed of a female amateur golfer with her driver is 65mph. Women that swing at that speed can carry their drivers about 160 – 165 yards, which is good. On average, with that swing speed, their 7-iron will be around 95 yards. This is the category that most beginners fall into.

When you get a bit better, you’ll naturally find your distance improve. Some mid-handicappers can swing their driver at speeds above 80mph. Women with a clubhead speed above 80 mph can carry their drivers 190+ yards. The average 7-iron distance for women with a max swing speed over 80 mph is between 125 and 135 yards.


How Far Can A Women Hit A Golf Ball?

The speed at which the clubface hits the golf ball contributes to something the golfing world refers to as “the smash factor”. The smash factor measures the quality of the strike, a combination of the speed and the accuracy put together.

Maximum swing speed and a good smash factor will deliver a lot more distance. Another critical factor in achieving a reasonable distance is the equipment you use. Playing with the wrong clubs, which aren’t suited to your game, can cause you to lose both distance and accuracy despite making great contact.

But, the bottom line is that women can’t swing the club as fast as their male counterparts. This is why women don’t hit the ball as far as a male golfer, but that’s ok because women tend to have a different tee box that helps shorten the hole.

Beginners’ sets are mostly game improvement sets. These sets are designed for maximum distance. The loft on the irons and wedges in these types of sets tend to be strong. Keep this in mind when buying a new set. Transitioning from a game improvement set to cavity back irons can impact how far you hit your irons due to discrepancies in the loft.

Professional Distances.

The average swing speed on the women’s LPGA Tour is 95mph; on the men’s PGA Tour, the average speed is 113mph. LPGA player Anne Van Dam leads the tour in driving distance, she has an average swing speed of 109mph, and her average driving distance is 285 yards. On the PGA Tour, Bryson Dechambeau leads the way. He has an average clubhead speed above 130mph with an average driving distance of 320+ yards.

To put it into perspective Van Dam’s average driving distance is the same as former world number 1 Luke Donald and Ryder Cup star Ian Poulter.

When we look at the world long drive circuit, there is a big gap between the longest male and longest female players. The longest drive is 414 yards compared to the longest drive by a male golfer, which measured 515 yards.

Final Thoughts.

In recent years, both the men’s and women’s game has seen a big focus on swing speed. Golf coaches are looking for all sorts of different ways to help players to maximize their swing speeds. Advances in technology in the design of clubs and golf balls also add to the conversation.

The swing speed distance debate is here to stay, and with time, both males and females will continue to hit the ball further and further.

The next article in our women’s golf ball series looks at what a good golf driving distance is for a woman, but also how to build upon what you are carrying right now to further your distance.

Written by Kirsty

After graduating from college, I turned professional and played on both the LPGA and Symetra Tours for three years. Since 2019, I now coach full time and write for a handful of online sites.

January 29, 2021

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