How Far Should A 70 Year Old Hit A Golf Ball?

Being able to hit a golf ball far has massive benefits. You need to get the maximum distance you can; this allows you to reach the green easier and therefore get the ball in the hole in fewer shots.

A few aspects influence distance, the main one being swing speed. The faster you swing the golf club; the further the ball will go.

Once you have maxed out your swing speed, you will start to see an increase in your distance by optimizing areas like strike, launch, spin, ball speed, and tempo.


How Far Should a 70 Year Old Hit a Golf Ball? 

You can only hit the golf ball as far as your clubhead speed allows you to. According to this article written by MyTPI, the average clubhead speed for a 70-year-old is 75mph.

Trackman has revolutionized the way we see numbers in the golf swing. Their article then suggests that the maximum distance you can get by swinging at 75mph is 187 yards in total distance.

This gives you two outcomes: if you hit it 187 yards already, we need to try to increase your clubhead speed to increase distance, but if you swing the driver at 75mph or more, and you are hitting it shorter than 187 yards, then we need to look at optimizing your numbers.

Increase Your Clubhead Speed

As a 70-year-old, this can be very difficult for several reasons. The quick ways are to swing faster and increase strength naturally.

More relatable ways are: increase flexibility and technique.

Increasing Flexibility will increase range of motion and then, in turn, increase clubhead speed. JoeyD Golf has done an unbelievable job in how all levels of golfers look at how they move and improve performance.

I suggest going through the JoeyD Golf website and seeing what type of package would suit you.

Improving Technique is another excellent way to improve clubhead speed. There is no quick fix, as everyone’s swing is different. Still, simple things like a grip change or shoulder alignment can dramatically improve clubhead speed and, therefore, distance.

Optimize Your Numbers

What does this mean? Well, by numbers, we mean the numbers you produce during your swing and at impact.

Improving your angle of attack and your swing path can increase your distance. In the Trackman article, you can see how swinging at 75mph at a -5 angle of attack compared to a +5 angle of attack has a 21-yard difference. You can gain 21 yards without swinging it any faster; all you need to do is swing up on the ball.

Impact numbers are also significant. Having the correct launch and spin can influence your maximum distance. These can be obtained through doing a fitting. Just because you are 70 years old doesn’t mean you are too old for a fitting; in fact, it’s probably more important to make sure your equipment is still the best for you and your body.

The Trackman article suggests a launch of 19.2 degrees and a spin rate of 2720 rpm will give you the maximum distance when swinging at 75mph. Don’t be afraid to hit it high; the ball will penetrate through the wind and ultimately fly further with the correct spin rate. This Ping article suggests that the higher you launch it with less spin will equate to more distance.

Having The Right Clubs

Equipment can also make a big difference in gaining distance. The modern technology found in the latest drivers and irons is there to help you hit it further and straighter.

Modern drivers are designed around high launch and low spin. As we know from the Trackman and Ping articles, this is exceptionally important for maximizing distance.

Playing With The Right Shaft Weight 

Lighter shafts are another great way to increase clubhead speed; the lightness of the shaft will help you improve your clubhead speed. Be careful not to go too light as you will lose accuracy.

The right shaft weight for a 70-year-old will be around 50 grams; this will give you the perfect combination of lightness for speed without compromising accuracy.

Play With the Right Ball

A commonly overlooked piece of equipment is the golf ball; playing with one of the best golf balls for seniors can drastically improve distance.

With a clubhead speed of 75mph, you will need to play a low compression ball, generally a 2 or 3 piece ball; this means the ball doesn’t need to be hit as hard to generate adequate ball speed.


Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

January 15, 2022

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