How Many Golf Balls Should a Beginner Have?

Can a golfer carry too many golf balls in their bag? Technically not, but in all seriousness, how many golf balls is enough?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors which I will unpack below.

How many golf balls to carry in your bag?

On average, beginners will lose anywhere between one and three sleeves of balls per round. A sleeve of golf balls includes three balls, and a box has four sleeves in it. These numbers are essential to remember when shopping for golf balls.

Start each round with at least 12 golf balls in your bag. This is a safe number that should get you through most rounds. Unless you are having a terrible day or if you are playing on a challenging golf course.

As your golf game improves, a sleeve of balls will get you through most rounds but keep in mind that some courses are more challenging than others. If you play on an open golf course with short rough, and few penalty areas, keeping your golf ball will be pretty straightforward. When playing on a more challenging golf course with tight fairways, long rough, and lots of penalty areas, you can run out of balls in a flash.

My recommendation for beginners is to play on a forgiving golf course with short rough, and wide fairways. Golf is hard enough; the last thing you want is to lose your ball when you just miss the fairway. Besides saving money on golf balls playing on an easy course to start with will do wonders for your confidence.

The cost of golf balls

Golf is an expensive sport. It becomes even more costly if you lose at least two sleeves of new golf balls during every round you play. If you aren’t a regular golfer losing two sleeves isn’t that bad, but if you play every week, it begins to add up very fast.

Luckily for beginners, entry-level golf balls with simple constructions are best suited for most newcomers. We look at some of the best golf balls for beginners here, if you wanted to take a look. The majority of beginners have below-average swing speeds, which is why their best option is to play with a low compression two or three-piece golf ball.

Low compression golf balls like the Callaway Supersoft and Srixon Soft Feel are perfect options for beginners. Both of these golf balls retail at roughly the same price point. A box of either of these golf balls will set you back just over $20, which equates to approximately $2 per ball.

Due to the high price tag of new balls, some beginners opt to play with used golf balls instead. No rule prohibits beginners from playing with used golf balls, but performance can’t be guaranteed. There is no telling if a used ball spent months at the bottom of a lake or covered in the mud under the trees, both of which will impact performance.

Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

June 21, 2021

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