How to Keep Beer Cold in Golf Bag

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February 23, 2021

Are you one of those people who golf for the social aspect, rather than the competitive nature? Well, if you are, then I’m sure you’re here to find out how to keep beer cold in golf bag so they can be enjoyed with friends at the halfway house.

We all love a social round of golf; whether to catch up with friends and some enjoy using golf as a way to meet new people too. I have found that sometimes I enjoy these rounds more than when I am playing to shoot a certain score.

Whenever you are going out for these social events, it’s always nice if you can have a nice cold beer halfway round and take 10 minutes to chill. Unfortunately, though, beer over the pump isn’t getting any cheaper so wouldn’t it be great if you could find a sure way of keeping your own icy cold until that halfway house?

Today I will tell you all about the best ways that you can bring your beer out on the course and keep it cold too! Soon, you will be out on the course but next time, you will having some ice cold beers to go with it. How’s that?

Part 1: How to Keep Beer Cold in Golf Bag

In this section I will lay out the four best lightweight and discreet coolers that are guaranteed to keep your beer cold whilst in your golf bag. If you ever wondered how to keep beer cold in golf bag, well soon you will know.

These options will also keep the beer nicely hidden too, so you can have a more relaxing round without looking over your shoulder.

Caddy Daddy Golf Cooler

This cooler used to be a nine pack but was too large and was then shorted to a six pack. It is all black to fit in with most golf bags, and fits easily within the large pocket of any golf bag. It also includes an easy lift handle at the top for you to carry on the course.

It is an outstanding cooler with a heat sealed liner, so fill it up with a little ice or just the cold beers and it will stay cold all day. If you are still skeptical it comes with a free ice pack for added coolness all day long.

To help you with easy access there is a side zipper on the bag itself so it will look like you are grabbing something out of your bag whenever you go to grab a beer. This will help keep the whole thing stealthy.

This cooler really sets the standard for all of the other beer coolers on the list with all of its features and slick size. It is also one of the more compact options that you will see, but nonetheless many other coolers copy this bag’s style, so you will see many bags similar to it in the options ahead..

caddy daddy - how to keep beer cold in golf bag


  • ✅   Perfect Size, Small and Compact.
  • ✅   Free Ice Pack Included.
  • ✅   Available in 6 pack or 9 pack size.


  • X    Only available in black.

Caddy Daddy Golf Cooler

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Caddyswag Golf Bag Cooler

This cooler can be used to carry either six standard twelve ounce cans or four of the larger sized sixteen ounce cans. Either way it will keep your beers cool at all times. It can also be taken on other trips like a fishing outing.

It is also very durable with a hard cover of polyester so it will not wear out over time. This cover also helps keep the bag insulated in addition to the thick inside. The inside contains a thick cell foam technology to keep everything cold.

Unfortunately this bag is already slightly larger than the Caddy Daddy golf cooler, making it a little more difficult to sneak into the course. It can still fit in the large pouch on your bag, but it will take up the entire pocket.

Caddyswag Par 6 Pack Golf Bag Cooler - How to keep beer cold in golf bag

Besides that it also contains a free freezer gel pack similar to the ice pack from the first cooler. This is easily reusable, simply take it out of your bag at the end of each day and throw it back in the freezer to keep everything nice and cool.


  • ✅   Very Durable/Strong Zipper
  • ✅   Many Uses, Not Only Golf


  • X    Takes Up a Lot of Space.
  • X    Hard to Sneak into the Course.

Caddyswag Golf Bag Cooler

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Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart Cooler Pouch

Unlike the first two options this bag is designed to be something that goes on the outside of your bag and blend into the bag itself. It is not likely to fit inside of your bag, but instead simply attaches to the outside of it.

This bag is really more designed to go onto a push cart then onto a golf cart. Since with a push cart it can easily hide underneath the bag, and attach to the push cart frame. Where it will likely swing around on a golf cart.

Additionally this is also the most expensive option of the coolers coming in at 50 US dollars. So it costs more and it is more difficult to hide, not really the best option so far. At this point you may be wondering why buy it?

Well it comes with an additional cooler pouch, so not only can it carry beer but it could carry sandwiches or snacks that you would like out on the golf course. It will keep that cold for you so you could have a full meal out on the course.

Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart Cooler Pouch - how to keep beer cold in golf bag


  • ✅     Extra Pouch for Coolers.
  • ✅     Blends in Nicely with Push Carts.


  • X    Most Expensive Cooler Option
  • X    Only designed for push carts and trolleys.

Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart Cooler Pouch

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AROUY Golf Cool Bag

Now this bag is by far the sleekest option and therefore will be the easiest to hide overall. It is nice and skinny and will fit very nicely in that long portion of your golf bag. It also contains a zipper on the side to make it seem as your bag and cooler are one in the same.

This is my favorite option out of the four and it is also the cheapest option as well. It can be bought for only 18 US dollars, so why not get it! With a handle on top of the bag you can also take it anywhere off the course just as easy.

If you do not trust my high praise for the bag, take a look at this review from instead! “This product fits nicely into the side compartment of typical golf bags. It is very discrete. It comes with a carry strap but I removed mine to save space. The side access is the key to this bag as it makes the cans easily accessible.“

The only complaint that you will likely see with this bag is the zipper is not reliable and there is no additional ice pack. It is some trade off with the price, so just be careful with the zipper and you will be fine.

AROUY Golf Cool Bag - how to keep beer cold in golf bag


  • ✅     Cheapest Cooler of the Options.
  • ✅     Most Sleek and Easy to Hide.


  • X    Zipper Could Possibly Break.
  • X    No Additional Free Ice Pack.

AROUY Golf Cool Bag

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Part #2: Things to Consider
How to Keep Beer Cold in Golf Bag

 I felt it useful to share the key features I was looking out for, and explain the benefits as to why.

Where it’s not specifically laid out that you can’t take beer onto the golf course, we do know that it is sometimes frowned upon by most clubs. So here I will lay out the key features you need to look for when you’re next wondering how to keep beer cold in golf bags.

Stealth & Discretion

This is at the top of the list, because it is by far the most important thing to look for.

I know most courses in today’s age require that all drinks be purchased on the facility, so no outside beverages. My course does this, so I too have to sneak in my own drinks so I do not pay an absurd price for drinks.

With that being said most of these options will fit easily within your golf bag, and has a zipper designed to blend in with your bag.

So put stealth on the top of your list, so you don’t get in trouble of course.


I personally do not consider this to be as important, because most of the time if I am using the cooler I am also pushing my cart or trolley. But, if you are drinking while walking then more power to you.

Of course you do not want to buy some extremely heavy cooler either if you are walking or just because you do not want it to add to the wear and tear of your bag.

Either way keeping your cooler lightweight is always a good idea and is something to consider whenever you buy your own.


This piece specifically goes hand in hand with the stealth and discretion section above.

Keeping the cooler nice and compact will help you keep it stealthy on the course, and helps it blend in and fit inside of your golf bag.

Now, you can either keep the bag compact in height or in width. Keeping it compact in one direction makes it larger in the other, so my preference is keeping it compact in width. This makes the cooler skinnier and easier to blend in with your bag..

Storage Capacity

How many beers you can hold is always a hot topic, but in order for the cooler to fit in your golf bag, you will find that most of these options will only be able to fit six beers.

Now whether you are playing nine or eighteen holes that is still about a beer every two or three holes, so I imagine you will be just fine out there on the course.

Once you start to push it past six, the cooler will not be able to fit in your bag, and you might not be able to get the ball in the hole.


Of course you want to find an option that is highly durable and lasts you as long as possible. Naturally with the materials that coolers are made out of, you will be just fine and the cooler will last you a while.

As noted in the last option I mentioned, you need to be more cautious when it comes to the zipper on these coolers and make sure you are being gentle with it.

The zipper is much more likely to break than the actual fabric of the cooler itself.


Whether you intend on keeping this cooler in your bag forever or using it for other purposes, you want to make sure your bag is easily portable.

This means that you can easily transport this bag as you wish. All of these options included a simple handle on top which allows for you to carry it just like you would any normal bag.

Yes, these bags will be a little longer and skinnier than your average cooler, but it will also make them easier to carry.

Cooling Time

Now a round of nine holes is typically scheduled to take two and a half hours, so for eighteen holes that adds up to five hours.

If you add an hour of warm up then that could easily become three and a half hours or six hours. Either way you can see that that is certainly a long period of time to keep your beers cold.

This is why each cooler typically comes with an additional ice pack, if not you can easily buy one yourself. With that extra ice pack and some extra ice in general, your cooler can easily keep the beers cold all day long.

Part #3: Frequent Questions About
How to Keep Beer Cold in Golf Bags

When doing my research and testing a few of these bags out myself, I stumbled across a range of questions people like yourself seemed to be asking quite often.

So, I’ve taken the most popular of these questions and provided answers to help make sure that this page gives you everything you need to make a decision so your next beers are icy cold.

Is It Possible to Keep Beers Cold for the Whole Round?

You will be surprised to find that the answer is yes! It is certainly possible for your cooler to keep beers cold for the entire round.

With a mix of the cooler itself, an ice pack, and some ice (which we will discuss shortly), you can easily keep your beers cold all day long.

Now there is a method to this, and it will take some time for you to practice and experiment with different things however in the end you will find a method that works and your beers will be cold all day long.

Can I Put Ice in a Golf Cooler Bag or Should I Use Ice Packs?

The answer to this question is also yes to both!

Now most coolers come with an ice pack and suggest that you use that, but you can certainly use both if you take care of your cooler properly. By this, I mean you must make sure that you are regularly draining water out of the cooler so it does not seep into the material of the bag itself.

Also you definitely do not want to leave water sitting in the bag overnight or for extended periods of time.

Are Cooler Bags Typically Leak Proof?

With that being said, cooler bags are leak proof to an extent.

If you are draining water out of the bag as you should (maybe once every three holes) then the bag will most likely not leak. However, if you are just letting the water sit at the bottom of your bag all day, there is a chance that the water will likely start to seep through the bag and possibly begin leaking.

So you have two options to prevent this from occurring. You can either strictly use ice packs, and your beers will still stay cold.

Or you can just be diligent on draining the water at the rate I recommended above and your cooler bag will not leak.

Is It Permitted to Drink Beer on Golf Courses?

For this, you will need to refer to the courses website or local rules. However, I know from experience and further investigation as part of this article that many do not specifically say yes or no – so, if there’s no answer then you’re left to make your own decision.

Overall Summary & Conclusion

How to Keep Beer Cold in Golf Bags

I hope you learned something new today and more importantly how to keep beer cold in golf bag. Try out any of these products when you look for a beer cooler, and let us know how you got on.

It is certainly an excellent idea that I highly recommend, because there is nothing like a nice cold beer on the golf course with your friends. It will also save you some money in the long run so you do not have to keep buying beer from the course at a higher rate than normal.

So next time you play go out and grab a beer out of your brand new cooler for me!

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