How To Measure For Women’s Golf Clubs

It doesn’t matter what the best women’s golf clubs are – if you don’t buy the right size then it can be a disaster for your game. When buying golf clubs, a one size fits all approach does not work. For women, in particular, finding clubs that match their height and ability is vital.

Below I will unpack how you can measure for women’s golf clubs at home to ensure that you buy the perfect clubs for your needs. Elements that I will focus on include height, arm length, swing speed, and hand size.


How To Measure for Women’s Golf Clubs. 

1. Height

The first element that you need to measure is your height. Standard women’s clubs are designed for women between 5’5″ and 5’9″. If your height doesn’t fall between these two, you will need clubs that match your height accordingly.

For women below 5’5″, petite women’s clubs are recommended. For women taller than 5’9″, standard men’s club lengths are recommended. On average, men’s standard clubs are one inch longer than standard women’s clubs.

If clubs are either too long or too short for you, it will be evident how the clubface interacts with the ground at impact. If clubs are too short, hitting a divot will be very difficult, and you will likely hit the ball thin. If clubs are too long for you, the clubhead will dig into the ground, and you will hit the ball fat.

2. Arm length

The second factor that can be measured at home with ease is arm’s length. Golf club fitters refer to this as the wrist-to-floor measurement. To measure your arm length, stand upright and allow your arms to hang along your sides. Then, place the tip of the tape measure on your wrist crease and measure to the the floor.

This measurement can be used to determine what length clubs you should play with in addition to your height.

A floor to wrist measurement of 34 – 36 inches will indicate that you should play with standard-length women’s clubs. The standard length of a women’s driver is 44 inches and 35 inches for a 5-iron.

Most women will putt with a 33-inch putter when it comes to putters. Putting is about personal preference. For some, this will mean that they feel comfortable with a longer putter, and other women might prefer a shorter option.

Finding a putter in terms of length and feel that works best for you is what matters most.

3. Swing Speed

A launch monitor is required to measure your swing speed to the exact number. Luckily for those who don’t own a launch monitor, how far you hit the ball with your driver is a good indication of your average swing speed.

A simple formula to get a general indication of your swing speed in miles per hour is to divide your average driving distance by 2.3.

Ladies ‘ flex shafts are recommended if your average swing speed is below 75mph. Senior flex shafts are recommended for women who carry their drivers 175-200 yards with a swing speed between 75 – 85mph.

Long-hitting women with swing speeds above 85mph that carry their drives over 200 yards will be best suited with a regular shaft. An amateur female golfer rarely plays with a stiff or extra stiff shaft.

If players play with the incorrect shaft type, they will either struggle to launch the ball into the air, or their shots will balloon on them. If a shaft is too stiff for a player launching the ball into the air will be difficult. If a shaft has too much flex, spin rates will be too high, and the ball will balloon into the air.

Hand size

Hand size is another easy-to-measure factor that can be done at home. Most golfers don’t realize this, but grips are available in different sizes.

To know what size glove you should wear, measure the distance around your palm just under your knuckles, excluding your thumb.

If the distance is between 7.25 and 7.5 inches, you will wear a medium ladies glove and a large glove if it measures between 7.5 and 8 inches.

If you wear a ladies’ small or medium glove, a ladies grip is recommended. For women that wear a ladies’ large or men’s glove, a standard size grip will be the best option for their hand size.

When it comes to putters, this logic doesn’t apply. Putter grips vary significantly in size. The best putter grip is the option that feels most comfortable to you and allows you to make a smooth putting stroke.


Final Thoughts

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to golf clubs. To ensure optimal performance on the course, you have to play with clubs that match your needs.

To measure women’s golf clubs at home, you can find the perfect clubs by measuring a few simple factors. These factors include your height, floor to wrist measurement, hand size, and swing speed.

The next article we have lined up for you looks at whether women’s golf clubs are different from men’s golf clubs. It’s an interesting point to look into, because there will be some men out there that will benefit from a set that’s marketed towards ladies – but also vice versa. 

Written by Kirsty

After graduating from college, I turned professional and played on both the LPGA and Symetra Tours for three years. Since 2019, I now coach full time and write for a handful of online sites.

February 6, 2022

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