Is A Senior Flex Good For Beginners?

In this article, we will be working with beginner golfers from all different sporting backgrounds. Some of you may have played golf as a kid and want to start back again. Others may have had a long career playing baseball, cricket or tennis.

Others may have been to the driving range or Top Golf a lot and find themselves scoring well, or at least beating their friends! Finally, you may have decided to start playing golf with no relatable experience, and you just want some help! Don’t worry, all of you have come to the right place.

Since we only see these shafts being used as part of the best golf drivers for seniors, it is normal for beginners to be confused or hesitant to try one – but bear with me here, and you will see why they could help. Furthermore, the people you play with won’t know what you’re using as it’s not apparent.

Before I give you some examples to go by, you can find out more about senior flex shafts in the article here (precisely what they are and what they do).


Is A Senior Flex Good For Beginners?

In short, a senior shaft will, more times than not, be an excellent choice for beginners. The softer flex in the shaft will create a bit extra cub head speed and resulting distance off the tee.

It will also twist faster in the downswing (known as torque) and increase the closure rate. Think of the clubface like a swinging door. We want that to shut down towards the target as you strike the golf ball – a little like a forearm shot in tennis.

The most common fault with beginners is the push or fade. This type of shot goes weakly to the right for right-handers or left for left-handers due to difficulty when trying to strike the ball consistently square. So, to answer the question, yes, a senior shaft is a good flex.

However, we all come to golf with differing sporting experiences and abilities in life. I will pick a few examples below of different types of people that come to golf. I hope you can relate to one or maybe two of them! It will help you choose the correct shaft and specifically decide if a senior shaft is a good choice for you.

#1 – I am a beginner, I haven’t been on the course but I seem to hit it well on the driving range (200 yards); what shaft should I use?

In this example, a senior shaft may not be the right shaft for you. The reason is you are creating the clubhead speed for a men’s regular shaft. If you also have a consistency about your swing, we want something that will reward you with a good golf shot and keep them straighter.

The senior flex shaft is designed to combat certain flaws in golf games, including speed. Therefore, this wouldn’t be right for you. I would consider a men’s regular shaft

#2 – I am a beginner that has played baseball, tennis, or others. I don’t want a senior shaft, right?

In this example, I am interested in the direction you hit the ball. I am not worried about the speed you create. You probably can go to a men’s regular or even a stiff shaft rather than a senior flex shaft.

However, the direction will decide. I tend to see certain sportspeople come with particular “bad shots.” Generally speaking, my experience shows that a cricketer will come to golf and struggle to keep the ball from going right. The reason is they are used to a cover drive where you keep the cricket bat open at impact with the ball.

I see golfers from tennis hit the ball to the left due to shutting that clubface down through the impact zone – a little like what they would do with a cross-court forearm shot.

A senior shaft, in this example, would still be great for the “cricketer” or golfer that loses the ball to the right. The technology will aid you in squaring the club through the impact zone and keeping it straight. Consider a regular shaft if you hit it more often to the left (again for right-handed golfers).

#3 – I am a beginner who hasn’t played anything relatable; where do I start!?

Finally, I would 100% consider a senior shaft in this example. Senior shafts technology will keep the ball straighter and launch the ball higher for you. They are typically one of the lightest on the market – weighing around 40 grams.

For an absolute beginner, this means you can create some swing speed easily and develop the muscles you need for a repeatable golf swing. While you are doing that, the senior shaft will aid you by launching the ball higher than a regular shaft and stopping any weak shots to the right.


Final Thoughts & Next Article

A senior shaft is an excellent option for beginners. It will make it easier for you to hit the ball higher, straighter, and further. However, be aware of your swing and speed. Most importantly, the direction you typically hit the ball.

If you have a sporting pedigree and naturally create some swing speed, consider using a regular or stiff shaft, even at this stage in your golfing career!

The next article will look at whether the Callaway Epic driver is a good driver for seniors. There is one in particular that will offer a lot of benefits to your game, as it’s purposely built for more forgiveness which results in straighter shots and longer distance.


Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

January 24, 2022

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