Is A Senior Flex The Same As A Ladies Flex

It’s essential to use the right shaft for your golf swing. Often, when looking for the best golf driver for seniors, we are fixated on the right Driver head, the brand, the one that goes the longest. When, actually, the most important element is often the shaft you select.


The reason is that the shaft manipulates the clubhead during the downswing and through the impact zone. This manipulation can neutralize a ball flight, add some draw spin and even launch your golf ball higher.

We will look at and compare the type of senior shaft and type of ladies shaft you find off the shelf in a short while. We will discuss the main differences and help you decide which one will give your game the most benefits.

It’s important to note that this article will suit both ladies and senior golfers. It will also be helpful to all golfers who wish to explore the key differences in shaft mechanics and effects on the ball flight.

Is a Senior Flex the Same as a Ladies Flex?

When deciding if you should play a senior or ladies flex shaft, we need to start with swing speed. All shafts on the market are designed based on the amount of speed you put on the golf ball, and you will find a lot of tables that recommends shafts based on this alone

For example,

Swing Speed

Clubhead Speed


Very Fast




97 – 104mph



84 – 96mph



72 – 83mph


Extra Slow




I believe tables like this are a good starting point, but you need to consider other factors.

The differences between ladies and senior flex shafts are noticed when you swing down into the ball. Firstly, the clubface will bend more, have higher torque, and increase clubface closure. A ladies flex shaft will do this the most, then a senior, then regular flex, and so on.

The ladies flex shaft is softer than a senior’s shaft and will increase the closure rate – suitable for golfers that do hit a push or a slice.

Secondly, there are also differences in weight. Golf club shafts are measured in grams, and a ladies shaft will typically be the lightest on the market as low as 35 grams. In contrast, senior shafts are 40 grams, and they get heavier as you climb the scale.

Finally, the torque increases again with a ladies shafts versus a senior’s shaft. The torque is the twisting that occurs within the shaft on the downswing.

In general, I agree with the chart above, and manufacturers will continue to base their shafts on swing speeds. Although, I want you to consider two factors when selecting your shaft.

  • •  The direction you typically hit the ball.
  • •  The height of the ball flight (or the launch angle).

I swing the club around 105Mph, so I should fall into the X-stiff category. However, after a recent professional fitting, I now use a shaft between a regular and a stiff because that was helping me achieve more consistent ball strikes and accuracy.

Why You Can’t Just Decide on Swing Speed.

If we focus on speed alone, we may not be solving the root cause of the problem you’re trying to cure. For instance, the additional clubface closing and increased torque you may experience will encourage a shot to the left – but what if your shots already go left?

Let’s give some examples to help understand shaft selection a little more.

> Example A – a lady’s ball flight that initially goes left.

If you are a lady golfer who hits the ball to the left and isn’t far off the required swing speed (70Mph), I encourage you to consider a slightly harder or heavier shaft.

In this example, a senior shaft could suit you and help you hit the ball straighter despite your swing speed not falling directly into this category.

> Example B – a senior’s ball flight that initially goes right.

A senior golfer that generates a good swing speed (75Mph) but has always struggled with a push fade, which occasionally turns into a slice.

Despite being “too fast” for a ladies shaft, I would be tempted to put one in the Driver for a couple of rounds. The added torque and clubface rotation may allow the club to aim squarer at impact – resulting in a more neutral flight.

Also, the ladies shaft may be lighter, which the golfer will find easier to release and swing faster. If chosen correctly, the golfer will increase their driving distance.

Should Beginners Use a Ladies Shaft?

When you start, people will tell you to use a softer shaft. It is true, and this will be easier and lighter to swing. However, if you have played sports or have some speed, adhere to the article above to make your selection.

As ever, I encourage you to take this knowledge and apply it to your club decision-making. The best way to find the correct shaft is to book in with a PGA Professional so they can look closer at your game.


Next Article

The next question we look deeper into is whether a senior flex is good for beginners, or not. You will see that there are lots of benefits for beginners here, which will help them focus more on their technique and worry less on losing a ball. I hope you enjoy it.


Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

January 23, 2022

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