Is Callaway Epic Driver Good for Seniors?

The Epic series of Callaway Driver is a constant churn of new equipment dripping onto the marketplace. Each model promises its different performance advantages through the use of AI technology, a “Flash Face,” or an increased MOI (moment of inertia).

Available today from the Epic range are The Epic Speed, The Epic MAX, Epic MAX LS, and the Epic Flash. A lot, right?

When you are looking for the best golf driver for seniors, and looking at Callaway in particular, I know you want to achieve two main improvements to your game. So this article will focus on them, and them only:

  •   The most flight and roll as possible
  •    The straighter shot possible


Is Callaway Epic Driver Good for Seniors?

In Callaway’s technical specifications, found on their website, the Callaway Epic Max is the most forgiving Driver they have manufactured to date. Alan Hockenell, VP of R&D for Callaway Golf Callaway, publicly stated, “We like where we’re at” in relation to the forgiveness of the Max Driver.

The data does suggest that other brands have created more forgiving drivers too. When we talk about forgiveness, we are looking at what happens following an “off-center” strike, and how well the golf ball can still fly compared to a “center” strike. PING, for example, often finds themselves with the most forgiving drivers on the market.

However, don’t be detracted from the Callaway Epic Max! It is very forgiving! Callaway uses carbon that runs along the face of the Driver; it’s super lightweight and is spread across the clubface. This carbon is 19g lighter than traditional titanium.

The advantage for a senior golfer is this club’s center of gravity can be found deeper and further back in the clubhead. The result for senior golfers is a higher ball flight due to this lowering of the weight.

There are also some other fundamentals in the technology of this club that make it an excellent choice for senior golfers. Firstly, it’s very adjustable. There is a 16g weight that slides across the rear of the golf club. This means that a golfer can adjust the weight to counter certain shots, increase the height of your shots, or decrease for a lower flight.

It also has an “OptiFit” hosel. This is a further setting a golfer can make by the way the shaft is inserted into the Driver. It’s straightforward to change; you are given a shaft key on a purchase, which you can use to turn the shaft within the hosel of the Driver’s head. The different settings offer the golfer different types of shot results.

By tinkering and changing the settings on the 16g weight and the shaft insert, Callaway claims you can adjust up to 20 yards of desperation.

In my experience, many senior golfers do struggle with a push or fade to the right. With this technology in the Callaway Epic Max Driver, you can bring that shot back to center by up to 20 yards!

There is one final selection choice when you purchase this Driver. You can buy the Epic Max Driver in both 10 degrees of loft or 12 degrees of loft. This is an excellent opportunity for a senior golfer who again may want to launch the ball higher into the air to select a 12-degree driver.

In summary, the Callaway Epic Drivers are a selection of Drivers, each for a different target audience and golfer. The Epic MAX Driver is a good Driver for a senior golfer. It has a host of features listed above to assist with straightening shots and increasing distance.

A final note of importance is the shaft you select; you will see we have completed a lot of research on shaft selection for a senior golfer, which you can read here.

The Callaway Epic Driver’s do give you options of which flex of shaft you can purchase, and they offer Senior shaft options.

Suppose you have any questions about the Callaway Epic Drivers or any other products out on the market. Please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

February 5, 2022

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