Should I Buy Standard or Petite Women’s Golf Clubs?

Surprisingly, when people are looking for the best women’s golf clubs for them, this question is often asked within the Pro shops. The name says it all – petite women’s golf clubs are clubs designed for shorter than average female golfers. From an overall design perspective, both petite and standard women’s golf clubs are very similar. However, there are some key differences between the two which I will go into a bit more detail about here today.

In particular, my focus will be on the difference in length and weight of standard versus petite women’s clubs. Additionally, I will also unpack the importance of playing with a set of clubs that matches your height.


What Are the Differences Between Petite and Standard Women’s Golf clubs?

As you’d expect, the main difference between petite and standard women’s golf clubs is the length of the clubs. Because petite clubs are shorter than regular women’s clubs, these clubs are also lighter in weight.

To better understand the difference in length, let’s start by looking at the length of a standard women’s club. The standard length of a women’s 5 iron is 37.5 inches, but the length of a petite 5 iron is 36.5 inches, 1 inch shorter than that of a standard women’s club.

This trend continues throughout the bag, from the driver through to your wedges. The standard length of a women’s driver shaft is 44.5 inches. In comparison, petite women’s driver’s shafts are 43.5 inches in length. When it comes to wedges, the standard length of most women’s lob wedges is 34 inches, with petite wedges again being an inch shorter.

Most petite women will probably be best suited with a 31 – 33-inch putter when it comes to putters. Putters aren’t marketed as petite putters, and it will ultimately boil down to personal preference.

It is very important to keep in mind that the standard length of clubs varies from one manufacturer to the next. Make sure to look at this when deciding which clubs to buy. These differences won’t be massive and will most likely be half an inch or a quarter of an inch.

In addition to length, petite clubs are also lighter than standard women’s clubs. The difference in weight isn’t standard and will differ from one manufacturer to the next depending on the club’s design.

Besides these differences, petite and standard women’s clubs feature the same designs and shaft flex options. In essence, petite clubs are standard women’s clubs with shafts that are an inch shorter than usual.

The Importance of Playing with the Correct Length Clubs.

Playing with clubs that aren’t the correct length for you can cause a variety of issues. If a player plays with clubs that are either too long or too short, the angle of the club in relation to the ground at impact will be affected.

Incorrect lie angles will impact the quality of your strike as well as the direction of the shot. Furthermore, playing with clubs that are too long for you will also limit your ability to maximize your swing speed. 

By playing with clubs that match your height, petite women will be able to maximize their swing speed and ensure optimal lie angles at impact. Golf is hard enough; the last thing you want as a player is to adjust your swing to match your clubs.

Who Should Play With Petite Clubs?

Standard women’s golf clubs are designed for female golfers between 5’5″ and 5’9″. Petite women’s clubs are designed for female golfers under 5’5″ in height. This isn’t a set-in-stone rule, but if you are a female golfer shorter than 5’5″, you should consider playing with petite clubs.

Petite women’s clubs are also an excellent option for junior golfers. Junior clubs tend to be limited when it comes to technology. Leading petite women’s clubs are packed with technology. These clubs are a great alternative for juniors that want clubs with advanced designs.


Final Thoughts

From a design perspective, petite clubs and standard women’s golf clubs are no different. The difference between the two is in length and weight. Petite clubs are an inch shorter than standard women’s clubs are they are also slightly lighter as a result.

If you are 5’4″ in height or shorter, you should look to invest in a set of petite clubs. By playing with clubs that match your height, you will be able to maximize your swing speed and give yourself the best chance of a clean strike.

In a similar nature, the next article looks at whether there’s any major differences between women’s and junior golf clubs – as well as which women may find it a benefit to their game to use junior’s instead. It’s an interesting read.

Written by Kirsty

After graduating from college, I turned professional and played on both the LPGA and Symetra Tours for three years. Since 2019, I now coach full time and write for a handful of online sites.

September 19, 2021

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