What Are the Worst Golf Balls for Beginners?

Most beginners think that a golf ball is a golf ball but it isn’t the case. They also think that the most expensive golf balls are bound to be right for them, but that’s also a myth. There are golf balls that are better suited for beginners than others, and I’m going to explain that here.

To help you understand what the worst golf balls for beginners are, you need to understand the basic design features of a golf ball. Once you know this, you’ll then know what to avoid but you’ll also start to understand what the best golf balls for beginners are too.


Important Design Features for Beginners


The compression of a golf ball is the most important design feature to understand. By understanding how golf ball compression works, you will know which options are best suited for you as a beginner.

Swing speed and compression are correlated. If your average swing speed is below average, you will be best suited by playing with a low compression golf ball. For fast swinging players, a high compression golf ball will yield the best results.

Compression is vital to ensure optimal performance of the golf ball. If a player is unable to compress the golf ball at impact, they will lose both distance and height.

Spin Rates

Distance and height will be lost because of spin rates that aren’t optimized. If the player is unable to compress the golf ball the spin rate will be too low. Low spin rates will result in lost distance and a low ball flight.

It is important to keep in mind that not all beginners have below-average swing speeds. If you are a fast-swinging beginner playing with a low compression golf ball will cause spin rates to be too high which in return will impact accuracy. High spin rates will cause a draw to be a hook and it will turn a fade into a slice.


The construction is a good indication of the compression of the golf ball. In general low compression golf balls feature 2 or 3 piece designs. High compression premium golf balls feature 4- or 5-piece designs. In addition to compression golf balls with simpler designs are about half the price of a premium golf ball.


The Worst Golf Balls for Beginners

Don’t get me wrong, the Titleist Pro V1 is the number one ball in golf, but it is one of the worst options for beginners to play with. The Pro V1 is a high compression 4-piece golf ball. Beginners with an average driver swing speed below 90mph won’t be able to compress this golf ball at impact. If the core of the ball isn’t compressed, you will lose both distance and height on your shot.

The TaylorMade TP5 golf ball is another example of a premium golf ball that beginners should avoid. This high compression golf ball yields excellent results for fast swinging players.

Beginners will be better off with a low compression option like the Callaway Supersoft. The Supersoft is easy to compress, offers exceptional feel and it retails at a very affordable price tag.

Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

March 2, 2021

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