What Is a Senior Flex Driver and Do They Make a Difference?

You have probably been told to add more loft to your Driver to help get the ball in the air, right? Well, that is correct but have you considered if you have the right shaft or not too? And if that shaft is suitable for your golf swing.

In this article, I will make some presumptions about your golf swing to help provide context to my points. When you look for one of the best golf drivers for seniors, it’s very important to understand what you should look for in a shaft, as the right one can significantly help our game as our speed slows, and flexibility reduces.


What Is a Senior Flex Driver and Do They Make a Difference?

We will explore what makes a senior flex driver shaft and why switching to a senior flex will increase your distance and improve accuracy.

Senior flex shafts will be lighter weight, have higher torque, and have a softer flex. These three ingredients will give you better results off the tee! I will analyze those three factors now.

Lightweight Shaft

The most straightforward. A lighter shaft will create more swing speed and clubhead speed through the ball. As we get older, we do lose strength and flexibility. Therefore, having the lighter club allows us to work through the ball with more speed. I liken the golf swing to a hammer blow. We want a light and long shaft to deliver the impact and create as much speed as possible.

Higher Torque

From the most straightforward to the most complex of the three. When we think of torque, I would think of the shaft “twisting.” The torque is the shaft’s twisting throughout the downswing and through impact.

For senior golfers, an excellent way to measure if you need additional torque or flex is to take note of your typical ball flight. Suppose you tend to hit a low push shot that may or may not fade. Then often, this is a sign that the clubface is aiming to the right at impact – a result of a shaft that is too stiff.

You can take lessons to wrap the right hand over the ball in impact. What I see is this often leads to iron play that goes too far the other way and to the left.

Therefore, by choosing a senior shaft with more torque, you will be fixing the problem using the available equipment without going to your local pro for a lesson.

Softer Flex

The overarching benefit to having a “softer” flex of the shaft is that the ball will launch higher. The flex is the bend created in the shaft from the top of the downswing and through to impact.

If you are using a shaft that is too stiff and doesn’t bend enough, you will find a typical low shot that leaks out to the right with a fade. You may also find it impossible to hit a high draw, despite hitting that high draw shot with a five wood or hybrid.

The bend created with a softer flex shaft allows the club to work towards a square position at impact. This moment is also to do with the “kick point.” A softer shaft will have a lower kick point that will flex through the hitting zone, adding a little more loft, which will result in a higher golf shot. The lower kick point will also assist the club once more, working for you by getting the clubface square to your target as you make an impact.

If you hit a slight fade and want to have a more neutral shot or even a soft draw, then a softer flex, like a senior flex shaft in your Driver, can help you achieve.

Finally, the softer flex will create a little more power in the downswing and through the ball. The additional flex makes the club bend and snap back to shape. This deforming then reforming through the golf shot results in increased clubhead speed.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a senior shaft is a softer flex driver, which is lighter and has additional torque. It successfully assists senior golfers in creating a little more speed and accuracy by making it easier to return the clubface to square at impact.

A final word of caution. Each shaft manufacturer will have a slightly different standard for defining the flex, weight (always in grams), and torque. I always recommend trying a variety of shafts on a launch monitor. Your local professional will be able to help you with this. 

The next article in our series will look a bit broader, taking a step back and looking at what shaft a senior golfer should use based on game patterns. It’s not as simple as just playing with a senior flex, it all depends on three very important questions and patterns within your game – which will find out.

Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

January 15, 2022

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