What Is The Average Swing Speed Of A Senior Golfer?

Finding out and understanding your average swing speed when you reach the senior category is essential, especially if you’re trying to decide on one of the best golf balls for seniors. Even when you reach senior age, the speed of your swing has the most impact on how far you can carry the ball.  

Being able to squeeze those extra few yards out on the fairways makes the next shot that little easier, enabling you to get closer to par. But if you don’t know your average swing speed, you will be shopping in the dark when choosing the right ball and clubs for your game.

This article will give you an insight into the average swing speed of the average senior golfer – with some help on what that means for you.


What Is The Average Swing Speed of a Senior Golfer?

A senior golfer can be anyone upwards of 50 yrs old. But, it’s reasonable to expect a golfer at the age of 80 will have a slower swing speed than someone at the age of 50, for instance. So in this section, I will show you the averages for the 50-60, 60-70, and 70-80 bands, so you’re able to see how your game compares.

Within each age band, I will then look at the average swing speed of a driver, 6 iron, and pitching wedge to give you an even clearer insight. The distance column is the carry distance, the point at which the ball first hits the ground. 

  Driver 6 Iron Pitching Wedge
  Swing Speed Distance (y) Swing Speed Distance (y) Swing Speed Distance (y)
50-60 80mph 200 70mph 139 65mph 94
60-70 75mph 180 65mph 128 60mph 84
70-80 65mph 165 60mph 113 55mph 72


What you will see from the chart is around 30 mph speed difference from Driver down to wedge, and this is common across age bands. The main reason for this is the actual length of the club – as longer clubs can generate more clubhead speed due to the larger size of the swing arc.

Information like this is vital because manufacturers often disclose the swing speed their golf balls or golf clubs are suitable for within their marketing material. This allows you to pick the right equipment to invest in to help get the most out of your game.

Of course, it’s always best to go down to your local pro and spend 30 mins hitting some shots in front of their flight monitors; then, you will know for sure what speed you can create.

How Seniors Can Increase Swing Speed 

There are a few things you can do to try and increase your swing speed, even when you get into the senior age categories. It’s essential, though, that you listen to your body and don’t over-exert if there are known areas of inflexibility or risk of strain.

Core strength:

Increasing your core strength will help give you a solid and balanced base to build your swing from, allowing you to generate more power and speed within your swing. Check out some of the core strength exercises on this page, designed for people over 55.


Stretching is one of the most important parts of exercise that many of all ages often overlook. Having more flexibility will also allow you to get into a more powerful swing position and help increase your range of movement and swing arc. A deeper hip turn or longer backswing will all increase swing speed. Here are some stretches that can help you, which have been put together with senior golfers in mind.


This is something that comes with practice and patience. Swinging more efficiently and achieving with a well-timed transition is incredibly beneficial. Slight improvements on your technique like grip, set up, and swing path can increase your swing speed.


Another often overlooked aspect is making sure you play with suitable golf balls and golf clubs. There are golf balls suited for seniors where the construction help generate as much ball speed as possible. Any mid to low compression ball will work for a senior player as a general rule of thumb.

It’s a similar concept when it comes to senior golf clubs. The technology and construction of specific club faces help compensate for slower swing speeds to maximize distance and even forgiveness.

Lighter shafts can increase swing speed. If your shaft is too heavy for you, it will slow your swing down. Going to a more lightweight shaft will be easier to swing and naturally increase your swing speed.


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If you’d like to continue reading, the next article in our senior golfer series looks at what golf balls seniors should play with. Enjoy your golf, and thanks for reading.


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September 28, 2021

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