Will a Senior Shaft Give Me More Distance?

Manufacturers of the best golf driver for seniors typically label the shaft as either ladies flex, senior flex, regular, stiff, or extra stiff flex. Knowing which one is right for your game is challenging to work out independently. Does a senior shaft mean you can only use it if you’re of a certain age?  And does a senior shaft give more distance?

During the article, I will generalize the swing speeds of particular golfers. Although many of you do break the mold, I still believe this article will be insightful for you! Also, if you are not a senior golfer, this article will help you understand what a senior flex shaft does – and why it may help you increase distance too.

A final point before we jump in; as you read this article, even if you are not a senior golfer, think about some of the shots you hit, particularly with the Driver. It will help you decide which flex is right for you when gaining more distance.


So, Will a Senior Shaft Give Me More Distance?

Firstly, let’s look at what differences a shaft can make on your golf shots. The golf shaft is the most significant influencer affecting launch and spin rate. We want a high launch and low spin to propel the ball through the air with the least amount of friction possible (or spin).

Suppose you are someone that does both those things, for example: under 2,700 RPM of spin with your Driver and a launch angle of over 15 degrees. I can assure you; you have a good shaft for maximizing distance. However, adding more flex can find a few extra yards, but there is a compromise.

When we begin our downswing, no matter which shaft we use, the shaft starts to bend and then straighten at impact. This happens regardless of what shaft you use, but the more flex in the shaft, the quicker the club goes through this phase. The faster the club does this, the more speed the shaft creates on the clubhead. The more speed on the clubhead, the more distance you hit the ball. Ok?

Furthermore, a senior shaft will give more distance due to the increased torque on the golf club. You can find out more about torque in a senior flex driver shaft here. The high torque means the club twists more within the downswing. Again, this powerful enabler allows golfers to hit the ball further.

The senior shaft is manufactured for those with a slower swing speed, not necessarily just a senior golfer, to maximize the carry of the golf ball.

But I’m a Low Handicapper and Certainly Not a Senior; Can I Use Senior Shafts?

The issue is within the consistency, mainly if you are a golfer that hits a neutral or draw shot. Also, I would discourage this approach if you hit the ball very high with your current equipment.

The reason is the added torque, combined with other mechanics. The senior flex shafts increase the closure rate of the clubhead through the impact zone. Now you can combat that by setting the clubhead at an open position using the appropriate tool. But now you are battling that left shot for the sake of more distance.

Also, the lower kick point found in senior shafts will lead to a balloon effect and high spinning shots. If you already hit a high shot with your current clubs, particularly woods, and change to a senior flex shaft, this will only increase the height and the spin but not the distance.

As I said at the top. We want a high launch and low spin.


Final Thoughts & Next Article

So, if you hit a lower ball flight or a push fade with your Driver, regardless of your current physical ability, age, or handicap – consider shooting for a senior flex shaft. The additional flex, torque, and subsequent closure rate of the clubface will lead to a greater distance off the tee. You will undoubtedly be allowing yourself to hit the ball harder as the weak shot to the right will be mitigated by making this change.

I hope you have found this helpful article for your golf game, regardless of whether you are a senior golfer or not. I think the premise of shaft mechanics will help you make the right decisions. A final note, the best place to decide which flex of shaft, senior or not, is correct for you is to go for a proper fitting. I would recommend using a PGA-certified professional and trying as many different shafts as possible.

The next article will answer is a senior flex is the same as a ladies flex. You will see that there are some differences, but if you put the shaft labels to one side you will see that either can have a positive impact on your game. And, let’s be honest, no one will ever know which one you do choose.


Written by Mark

I've been advising on golf related topics for for just over ten years now, staying on top of game improvement methods, the latest technologies and news.

January 17, 2022

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