Best Golf Ball for Slow Swing Speed

best golf ball for slow swing speed

Written by Kirsty

After graduating from college, I turned professional and played on both the LPGA and Symetra Tours for three years. Since 2019, I now coach full time and write for a handful of online sites.

April 26, 2021

Swing speed is a hotly debated topic amongst golf enthusiasts. Players like Bryson Dechambeau and Dustin Johnson continue to defy the odds in terms of ball speeds, unfortunately for amateur golfers, those numbers are out of reach. Senior and female golfers in particular struggle with swing speed.

As a result, slow swinging players lack distance, height and spin, especially on their iron shots. Playing with the correct equipment and the right golf ball, in particular, can make a big difference in all of those areas for slow swinging players.

Updated for 2022, we are going to review 5 of the best golf balls for slow swings and we are also going to take a closer look at the key features to consider. Compression, in particular, is arguably the most important factor to consider, adequate compression ensures maximum performance. At the end of this article following our FAQs section, you will have all of the necessary information to pick the correct golf ball to match your swing speed

Golf Ball Reviews

The Best Golf Ball for Slow Swing Speed

Below we are going to review 5 of the best golf balls for players with slow swing speeds. In the reviews we focus on various key features to consider when deciding on which golf ball to buy including compression, construction, cover system, durability and price.

Compression, in particular, is very important, yes the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls are considered to be the number one golf ball in golf, but for players with slow swing speeds, a low compression offering will be a much better option. Playing with a golf ball that allows you to optimize performance is key and all of the below options will allow slow swinging players to do just that.

1. Callaway Supersoft

The Callaway Supersoft is one of Callaway’s most popular golf balls and with good reason. The 2021 Supersoft is a high-quality low compression golf ball by industry-leading brand Callaway. The design of the Supersoft ticks all of the right boxes for slow swinging players and this golf ball might just be the kickstart that your golf game needs.

The Supersoft features a soft compression core with a compression of 38 which is ideal for players with slow swing speeds. This easy to compress core ensures optimal performance both in terms of distance and control thanks to optimal spin rates and ball speed numbers.

Callaway Supersoft - best golf ball for slow swing speed

On paper the Supersoft features a simple 2-piece design, in reality, the design of this golf ball delivers in every category including distance, trajectory and spin. The cover system of the 2021 Supersoft is a new hybrid cover system that features an innovative PARALOID impact modifier. This multi-material cover delivers exceptional durability coupled with great feel and unparalleled greenside control for a low compression golf ball.

Furthermore, the Supersoft also features Callaway signature HEX dimple pattern. The aerodynamic dimple pattern reduces drag and optimises lift to ensure a higher ball flight for maximum distance which is ideal for slow swinging players.


  • ✅   New and improved design
  • ✅   Ultra-low compression core
  • ✅   Maximum distance and exceptional greenside control and feel
  • ✅   Durable multi-material cover system


  • X    Not the best option for mid/low handicappers with slower swing speeds

Callaway Supersoft

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2. Bridgestone e6

Bridgestone is one of the most underrated golf ball manufacturers in the industry. Some of the best players to ever play the game, Tiger Woods, Bryson Dechambeau and Lexi Thompson all trust Bridgestone golf balls as their golf ball of choice and if they do then so can you.

The e6 2-piece golf ball by Bridgestone is one of the best golf balls currently available on the market for slow swinging players. The low compression e6 has a core compression of 44, this low compression ensures that all golfers can compress this golf ball optimally at impact regardless of their swing speed struggles.

Bridgestone e6 - best golf ball for slow swing speed

In addition to an easy to compress core, the e6 also delivers in other areas that are important for slow swinging players. The performance characteristics of the e6 are centred around promoting a straight ball flight without compromising on feel. Low compression 2 and 3-piece golf balls often lack feel as a result of their simplistic designs but this isn’t the case with the e6 thanks to a soft Surlyn cover system.

The e6 with its affordable price tag offers exceptional value for money and slow swinging players can only benefit by adding this golf ball to their bag.


  • ✅   Affordable price tag
  • ✅   Design promotes a straight ball flight
  • ✅   Soft feel and greenside control
  • ✅   Durable cover system


  • X    Limited workability for more advanced players that can shape the ball on demand
  • X    Promotes a low trajectory which isn’t ideal for slow swinging players that lack height

Bridgestone e6

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3. Vice Golf Drive

Vice golf continues to rise in statue as a golf manufacturer that can hold its own with the best of the best. In addition to the brand’s edgy modern approach Vice also delivers in terms of performance all at an affordable price point.

The Vice golf ball range features a variety of options, but the low compression Drive model is the best option for players with below average swing speeds. The low compression Drive is a 2-piece golf ball with a low compression core and durable Surlyn cover system.  With a compression of 50 players with slow swing speeds can compress this golf ball with ease to ensure maximum performance. 

Vice Golf Drive - best golf ball for slow swing speed

The dimple pattern of the Drive features 312 dimples that are positioned optimally to deliver a stable ball flight and added distance thanks to optimal aerodynamics. In addition to distance, the Drive is also extremely durable. The Surlyn cover system if this golf ball is formulated to resist cuts and scuffs.

Last but not least the Drive features Vice’s signature KIL alignment system. The sharp-edged line makes it very easy for golfers to line up when putting without having to draw a line on their golf ball.


  • ✅     Easy to compress core design
  • ✅     Durable cover system
  • ✅     Maximum distance and optimal ball flights for slow swinging players
  • ✅     Easy to use putting alignment system
  • ✅     Exceptional value for money


  • X    Vice isn’t the first brand that comes to mind in terms of golf ball designs

Vice Golf Drive

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4. Srixon Soft Feel

The 12th generation Soft Feel features Srixon’s latest FastLayer core. This core is the brand’s softest core design to date and the results produced by it is astounding. The core design promotes a snapping motion at impact which in return delivers added ball speed and more distance off the tee. In comparison to other low compression 2-piece golf balls, the Soft Feel leads the way in terms of distance.

Don’t be alarmed the new longer than ever before Soft Feel design doesn’t compromise in terms of feel and greenside control. The 2-piece Soft Feel with its Ionomer cover system ticks all of the relevant boxes in terms of feel and greenside control for players with slow swing speeds.

Srixon Soft Feel - best golf ball for slow swing speeds

The Soft Feel offers everything and more than what a slow swinging player could ever want out of a low compression 2-piece golf ball, the easy to use alignment system featured in the design of the Soft Feel is a bonus.


  • ✅     Tried and tested design
  • ✅     New and improved core design for added distance
  • ✅     Soft feel and greenside control
  • ✅     Affordable price tag
  • ✅     Easy to use alignment system


  • X    With a compression of 60, the Soft Feel is slightly harder to compress in comparison to the Supersoft

Srixon Soft Feel

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5. TaylorMade Project (S)

TaylorMade is renowned for their driver designs, but their golf ball designs are equally as impressive. The Project (S) golf ball by TaylorMade is one of their best options for players with below average swing speeds and in comparison to other golf balls on the market it is one of the best golf balls for slow swinging players that money can buy.

The Project (S) features a low compression of 60 thanks to a low compression dual distance core design. The design of this core ensures maximum distance without compromising on feel and greenside control. Furthermore the Project (S) also features an aerodynamic ionomer cover. This durable cover design contributes both in terms of distance and soft feel thanks to the aerodynamics and multi-material construction of the cover.

tayloremade project (s) - best golf ball for slow swing speed

“Great distance without compromising on feel”, “Great distance and a strong ball flight” and “Very good golf ball for a slow swinger like myself, added 10 – 15 yards to my driver”  are the words used by golfers to describe the Project (S). The Project (S) does feature a pretty hefty price tag for a 2-piece golf ball, but luckily it does make up for it in terms of performance.


  • ✅     Designed and manufactured by industry leader TaylorMade
  • ✅     Easy to compress design
  • ✅     Design promotes fast ball speeds for maximum distance for slow swinging players
  • ✅     Durable cover system
  • ✅     Dual-core design for soft feel and optimal spin numbers


  • X    Alternative matte finish colour options are difficult to follow through the air

Taylormade Project (S)

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Key Features & Buyers Guide

How to Find the Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speeds ..

Golf ball manufacturers rely on marketing jargon when selling their golf balls and this can be confusing for buyers. To help you cut through the noise below we are going to look at various key features to consider when deciding on which golf ball to buy.

Key features to consider include construction, compression, cover system and durability. For players with slow swing speeds finding a low compression golf ball that ticks all of the right boxes in terms of spin and greenside control is what will translate into on-course results.

1. Compression

Compression is arguably the most important factor to consider when deciding which golf ball to play with. The rules of golf don’t stipulate that a player needs to play with a specific compression golf ball based on swing speed, but following that notion as a general rule of thumb will ensure optimal performance in terms of spin and ball speed.

For those of you that are unaware, golf ball compression refers to the energy transferred from the core of the golf ball at impact. For maximum energy to be transferred the core needs to be compressed and swing speed is required to compress the golf ball. The higher your swing speed the easier it will be for you to compress the golf ball.

Low compression golf balls are best for players with slower swing speeds, as your swing speed increases a mid compression golf ball will be a better option and for fast swinging players, high compression golf balls are recommended.

2. Construction

Golf ball construction refers to the design complexity of the golf ball. 1-piece golf balls feature very simple designs whereas 5-piece golf balls are more advanced in terms of technology. The majority of low compression golf balls feature either 2 or 3-piece designs.

In addition to design features 2 and 3-piece golf balls are also more affordable when compared to premium golf balls. Most amateur golfers make the mistake of thinking that a 2 or 3-piece golf ball is a lesser option but in reality, these golf balls are the best option for amateurs with slow swing speeds.

2 and 3-piece golf balls normally have low compression cores which is why these golf balls are ideal for slow swinging players, but these golf balls also deliver in terms of distance, greenside control, feel and durability.

3. Greenside Control & Feel

For amateurs and slow swinging players in particular it is all about finding the perfect combination between distance and feel when choosing their golf ball of choice. Historically low compression golf balls lack in this department, but thanks to design improvements especially when it comes to golf ball cover systems this isn’t the case anymore.

By compressing the golf ball optimally spin rates are optimised, couple this with a soft cover system and the result is exceptional control and feel around the greens. Furthermore, slow swinging players will also be able to optimise launch angles and height by playing with the right golf ball for them.

Compression at impact will ensure optimal spin rates which in return will deliver a strong, high ball flight. This is massive for slow swinging players who tend to struggle with launching the golf ball into the air, this added height will ensure stopping power on the greens and it will make a big difference to overall performance on the course.

4. Durability/Cover System

Durability is a very important factor to consider when buying any product, golf balls included. The last thing you want is for your golf ball to look like a used golf ball after just a couple of holes.

The durability of a golf ball depends on the cover system design of the golf ball. If the cover system is made using durable materials durability won’t be an issue unless the ball gets damaged when it clatters against a tree or if it bounces off of a cart path.

In addition to durability golf ball cover systems also impact spin and feel especially for players with slow swing speeds. Premium golf balls feature different layers that impact spin, but with low compression 2 and 3-piece golf balls, the onus falls on the cover system design. Cover systems that offer the best of both worlds from a feel and durability perspective are the ideal solution when shopping for a new golf ball to add to your bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the review process, we noticed some common questions from golfers that are looking for the best golf ball for slow swing speeds. Below we answered the most frequently asked questions to ensure that you have all of the necessary information that you could potentially need when deciding on which golf ball you should play with.

Q1. How can I measure my golf swing speed?

Golf swing speed is measured using a launch monitor or other golf-specific device that is designed to measure swing speed. Launch monitors such as Trackman and Flighscope will offer you the most accurate measurement.

Other lesser-known launch monitors and swing speed radars also measure swing speed but aren’t as technologically advanced and don’t offer the same level of accuracy. When measuring swing speed you will be able to swing your driver the fastest since it is the longest club in your bag. Your driver swing speed will be the club used when finding out what your average swing speed is.

Most qualified swing coaches and golf stores will have access to either a launch monitor or swing speed radar and will be able to help you with measuring your average swing speed. Make sure to hit multiple golf balls and to calculate your swing speed as an average instead of going with only one number based on your first swing. Also, make sure that your body is loose and warmed up to ensure maximum performance when swinging.

Q2. How do I increase my golf swing speed?

Swing speed can be increased in a variety of different ways. Swing mechanics is arguably the biggest culprit when it comes to slow swing speeds. Players that want to increase their swing speed can do so by working on their swing mechanics with the help of a swing coach. In addition to mechanics overspeed training can also be utilised using speed training systems such as SuperSpeed golf to gain speed.

Furthermore, the equipment you use can also impact your swing speed. The correct club, shaft and golf ball combination can make a huge difference when it comes to swing speed. The right equipment won’t solve all of your golfing problems but it will accelerate the process.

Last but not least physical training can also translate to faster swing speeds. The fitness regimes of modern professional golfers have proven that more time in the gym working on improving your mobility and strength in key areas will lead to faster swing speeds out on the golf course.

Q3. What golf ball should I use for my swing speed?

No rule says players with slow swing speeds need to play with a specific golf ball, golfers are free to play with a golf ball of their choice. However, with that being said playing with a golf ball that is designed for you based on your swing speed and that features the necessary key design elements will make a huge difference.

Golf ball compression in particular is key. If a player is unable to compress a golf ball adequately performance will suffer. If a golf ball isn’t compressed as a lack of swing speed distance will be lost, accuracy will be an issue as a result of spin rates that aren’t optimized and feel/greenside control will be inconsistent. The table below serves as a guideline in terms of which golf ball a player should use depending on their swing speed.

  •  – Below 85mph = Low compression golf balls
  •  – 85 – 95mph = Mid compression golf balls
  •  – Above 95mph = High compression golf balls

Final thoughts

The Best Golf Ball for Slow Swing Speed

For players with slow swing speeds playing with a mid or low compression golf ball is a must to ensure optimal performance on every shot. Low compression golf balls do feature simpler designs than premium golf balls which is why some players might think that they are better off by playing with a premium golf ball but this can’t be further away from the truth.

Compression is very important but other features including feel, durability and price also need to be considered when deciding on which golf ball to play with. The Bridgestone e6 is the best option for players that want a low compression golf ball to maximise distance, if greenside control and feel is what you are after then look no further than the Callaway Supersoft.

If you are unsure about how fast you swing the golf club make sure to visit your nearest teaching professional or pro shop.

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